[WTS] BIP38 cold-storage wooden cards to protect your peercoin - 10% off

[size=16pt] Protect your Peercoin on BIP38 cold-storage wooden cards - 10% peercointalk dto [/size]

It all started for fun a few months ago with a reddit post in r/Litecoin : paper wallets made of wood? . And here we are, strong with 100% positive feedbacks from early buyers, 500+ twitter followers, sponsors of bitcoin2014 and confident in our refined products. We are ready to launch on the hardest and most important community around : you guys! So… what is this?


A Woodwallet is a secure mean for storing Peercoins and other cryptos offline as a physical object. Learn more about woodwallets or get your own keys engraved on a wooden piece of design now, like the ones we gave to Andreas, Jon Matonis and Coblee.


[size=12pt] Your private key is protected with a passphrase : no one can spend your coins without it. [/size] BIP38 adds an additional security layer on top of bitcoin, making it a 2-factor authentication layer for peercoin wallets: you must combine something that you have (the woodwallet) with something that you know (the passphrase).

[size=14pt] Get a woodwallet to : [/size]

:heavy_check_mark: Protect your digital assets
:heavy_check_mark: Delight your customers with a beautiful perk
:heavy_check_mark: Educate your friends and family to security best practices
:heavy_check_mark: Kick-off conversations about cryptos
:heavy_check_mark: Customise one for members your local community/organisation

[size=14pt] We offer three kind of wallets [/size]

[ul][li]Two sides wallet : public address + private key : our complete solution to pay and get paid (25$) [/li]
[li]Public address card : Public address only (19$) [/li]
[li]One-side wallet : BIP38 Private key only - Use it for storage or spending (19$) [/li][/ul]

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[center][size=14pt] COUPON CODE: [tt]woodcointalk[/tt][/size][/center]

[size=18pt] FAQ [/size]
Here is a short list of our top FAQ. For the complete FAQ please visit woodwallets.io/FAQ

[size=14pt] How does it work? [/size]

Woodwallets’ underlying principles are the same as traditional paper-wallets : a two-sided wallet card contains a private key (encrypted) on one side and the corresponding public address on the other. The woodwallet also comes with the corresponding QR code engraved so you can scan it with any smartphone/camera.
By shaping wood we provide you with a reliable, unique and durable product that, unlike paper, is designed to last. Perfect to secure your savings offline on something valuable, Woodwallets is also a mean to spread crypto currency. Bring it with you, gift it to a friend, or use it to kick-off conversations. Show around that crypto currency is not so ‘virtual’ as they might think.

[size=14pt] Why should I trust you with my private key? [/size]

You don’t have to trust us since we don’t take your plain private key. We only accept encrypted private keys. This means that your key is protected by a passphrase and without it there is nothing we can do with it. It will take a state-of-the-art supercomputer million years to crack a decent passphrase.You can even take a picture of your private side and post-it online if you feel like.

[size=14pt] How can I generate the BIP38 private key? [/size]

We offer tutorials and an an easy-to-use tool to encrypt your keys.

Together with the developer behind inuit-wallet we are also releasing Bippy, a state-of-the-art tool for easily encrypting your keys offline (get the source), if you don’t want to use traditional browser-based paper wallet generators.


Install Kivy (required for the UI), clone and run from github :

git clone git@github.com:inuitwallet/bippy.git

Disconnect from the internet and make sure you are using a clean machine (better a Live DVD) and execute the tool

cd bippy
kivy bippy.py

The program will prepare URLs you can copy-paste in the browser to place the order with your keys. Enjoy.

[size=14pt] Is wood resistant enough? [/size]

We use 3mm thick and water resistant wood : Judge yourself by watching this video

[size=14pt] Where does the price comes from? [/size]

For the sake of transparence, we want to publish here a rough breakdown of the price of one wallet, single side :
Man/hour costs (8$@15$/h): Prepare the file, laser-engrave wallet, clean-up, test, wrap, ship
Materials costs (4$) : wood, packaging, envelope, stamps, various material
Laser Cutting costs (3$@0,5$/min)
Wholesale margins (3$)

So when we offer a 10% discount it means we are making close to 0$ profit per wallet.

[size=14pt] Cool, but who are you? [/size]

When you buy a woodwallet, you are not buying it from an anonymous troll with an LLC registered from Zkikistan and a bank account in Bahamas.
My name is Nicolò Paternoster, I’m an italian software engineer/maker working in crypto since 2011. Among others I’m BTCfoundation and litecoin association subscriber. In the past I contributed myself to the community with some open projects : Bitalert, botcoin, mtgox-api-v2-java wrapper , altcoin-google spreadsheet.

Woodwallets are produced in MADE, Barcelona’s first makerspace. We are crypto-enthusiasts ourself and we know what kind of problem you might encounter when trying to store your funds: this is why we built woodwallets listening to the community from day one. Among other activities we organize workshops to introduce the general public and businesses to the world of cryptocurrency, fostering their adoption rate.

I’m working with designers and engineers which are constantly helping to make Woodwallets a better product : Dan, Isacco, Sam, Davey and Ermanno are only a few I can acknowledge for making this real.

[size=14pt] Do you accept Peercoin? [/size]

Sure, you can pay with bitcoin (bitpay), altcoins (coinpayments), and credit cards.

[size=14pt] Give me more pictures and stop talking! [/size]
See some picture on twitter or directly on the product page.

PPC logo :

Private key side :

Stacked together:

Armory multi-fragment backup. Available on request, get in touch

Gift a woodwallet to someone here!

Keychains available at https://woodwallets.io/product/wooden-keychain/

[center][size=16pt][b] Place your order with discount
[/size] [b][/center]
[center][size=14pt] COUPON CODE: [tt]woodcointalk[/tt][/size][/center]

For custom products,bulk orders and clarifications please send us an email at info@woodwallets.io.

We don’t accept donations for woodwallets. However if you want to contribute to pay the rent of Barcelona’s first crypto-friendly makerspace, drop BTC to 1MadebYiVGVmT9TeLaBgCyJkNV8fEC1sHa. We need it to keep workshop running !


Looks great, can you please let us know when a Windows executable of Bippy is available? Or should I find someone with a Linux computer?

I’m glad you like it! Sorry for not having (yet) a binary version of Bippy for windows. We need to have our source code proofread many times before being confident and distribute executable files. We want to do things gradually.

I will let you know when it happens

Hi Cybnate. My name is Sam, I’m the developer of Bippy. We are working on getting some executable versions working but until then, Bippy will work just fine on a Windows Machine.

  1. Ensure you have Python 2.7 installed (python.org/downloads/)
  2. Download bippy with git or using the zip download from github (github.com/inuitwallt/bippy)
  3. Download the portable version of Kivy and unzip it on your machine (kivy.org/#download)
  4. Open a command prompt and navigate to the Kivy folder you just extracted
  5. Run kivy.bat (simply type ‘kivy.bat’ when you are in the kivy directory). This sets up that specific command prompt window to use kivy
  6. In the same command window navigate to the bippy directory
  7. run ‘Python bippy.py’ and the bippy window will open

Bippy will run fully offline so once you’ve downloaded everything you need you can kill the internet connection to your PC for extra security.

These wooden wallets are beautiful. I like what you’re doing.