[WTS] BFL Jalapeno

selling my 5GHz Jalapeno looking for around $150-200 shipped.

shipping to the US i take it…

I’d might be interested to offer $150 shipped to the UK as a BTC-e coupon code? but need to do some calculations as ur prices seem a little high… unless shipping fully included.


yeah shipping is included. fuzzy send me a pm if your intrested

$150 and it ships in the us?
I’m interested but a bit leery, they are selling for over 500 on ebay ???

yeah thats cause most people on fleabay are more worried about getting the most out of there money and try to captilize on people who know nothing about mining and just trying to get into it cause they saw it on the news. i know that my jalapeno will probs never roi so im not worried about selling it at only 150$ as when i bought it it was from all profits of mining.

Damn, if this was next week I would purchase instantly :frowning:

if its available still, first with the cash gets the goods.

pm sent. im in the us. would just need to work out preferred payment.

pending sale to FuzzyBear.

congrats FuzzyBear. if the sale falls through for whatever reason, i’m still interested.



PM sent :slight_smile:

It’s a pitty I couldn’t get it :slight_smile: Damn difficulty to send money around the world, my only options at the moment are limited to Paypal. This is a perfect example of why the future belongs to this sort of currencies.

What did happen with this Jalapeno in the end? If the sale was not finished I’m still interested and could try to work out the problem of sending money across the sea :slight_smile:

its sold and shipped.

The tracking Number u gave me shows nothing can u double check it please


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Yeah not to sure whats going on with it. i will go talk to the post office tomorrow and let you know

Any update from the post office??
Not heard anything for a week since it was supposed to have been sent

Yeah, sorry I ment to update last night. I went to the post office where I sent it from and was told to call there customer support on the issue. so I called them and they said that they are going to see if they can track down the issue and get back to me asap as they can’t figure out why it’s showing as its not a proper tracking number.

Fuzzy, did you receive it yet? I’ve been following this thread with interest.

Yeah I was very interested to see if anything actually arrived… nothing as yet I have to say… I am now away from the address it was sent to so I can not confirm it has def not arrived… but i have had 4 other packages sent to me from the states all after this one was apparently sent out and they all arrived fine.

I was PM’d saying “I hope you are not going to make me wait 48 hours for the tracking number to appear on the shipping site before releasing the btc-e code for $150” (alarm bells ringing of scam) and of course like a good crypto trader I was not phased and said I will not release any funds until I have proof that the package is on its way to me from a 3rd party source. With nothing arriving … and the tracking number not showing as a package… and the OP now gone kinda quiet and not pressing for any money the more it looks like this was a scam… and I am just pleased I was the one to win the bid and no one actually lost any money.

The problem now also arises that I “bought” this device in November really… its gonna be jan before it does arrive if it does… difficulty has doubled since the purchase so $150 is well overpriced for the device. However if the device does arrive and the original stamp shows the package as being held up by shipping and not the OP here and sender then of course i will pay the $150 as I am an honest person, but i would not be surprised if nothing turned up… or if it shows that the shipping date was later than the supposed sent date.

Time will tell but just to let you know I have parted with no money for the device as I have not received the device.

Let this be a lesson to you all to protect yourself as I have :slight_smile: