Wtogami PPC reply, would appreciate any views from Sunny King

As some may be aware I sought some sort of reply from wtogami & coblee on the comments they made about about PPC, and Sunny Kings’ Response. Most of the thread devolved into a FTC cough discussion

A right of reply should be afforded.

Disclosure, I am a holder of both LTC and PPC. I have donated to LTC to the LTC dev, and offered Donations to PPC/XPM dev, but they were refused. I believe PPC will likely overtake LTC

Personally I have found the PPC community to be a very harmonious, rational, consensus driven, and that SK communications (along with Fuserleer EMU) are a stand out from any other coins , both in clarity, regularity and calling to a higher purpose, backed with great tallent. On wtogami, I have found him passionate, perhaps aceribic, and likely only acting in response to what he perceives as scamming FTC customers in that thread.

Sunny King

"During the litecoin reddit event on Sunday, both coblee and wtogami claim that xpm is centralized and that I could shut it down if I am forced to. I am quite disappointed at the intellectual dishonesty of these supposedly respectable figures in altcoins. It's quite questionable whether this is only due to their ignorance of the way checkpoints work in xpm, as that has been public knowledge for quite some time. In xpm users must explicitly issue command to enforce checkpoint, I cannot single-handedly shutdown xpm network nor force a reorganization of the block chain. The decentralization level of xpm is basically the same as bitcoin or litecoin.

Moreover, ppc would also gradually transition to this operation mode of checkpoint. Even before that happens, I cannot arbitrarily shutdown ppc network either. The checkpoint system in ppc and xpm also builds in consistency check to protect network if checkpoint key is compromised. Overall the defense mechanism is much more effective against sustained 51% attack and is a great asset to help small altcoin networks.

I sincerely hope altcoin developers could compete honestly and fairly, keeping in mind the philosophy behind cryptocurrency movement, how else could we achieve the goal together without moral backbone?"

wtogami made the following response:

Re: Coblee and wtogami, could you speak to your PPC XPM claims « Reply #3 on: November 16, 2013, 08:06:54 AM » We don't pay much attention to other projects after we've deemed them to be bad ideas. Notwithstanding what is written below, users have the freedom to use whatever they want, so whatever.

Fallacy of Users Opting In to Centralized Checkpoints A coin is not centralized because users need to opt-in to broadcast checkpoints? This specious argument was used by Feathercoin’s supporters too. It fails because if the economic majority (like pools) follow broadcast checkpoints, then it doesn’t matter if users have opted in or not. Now I haven’t studied if this actually happens with XPM, but this is exactly what happens with FTC’s broadcast checkpoints.

Good Luck Removing PPC’s Centralized Checkpoints Regarding PPC… these amount to empty obfuscating defensive excuses. Sure he wants to remove the broadcast checkpoints. Novacoin’s Balthasar made similar promises because he too knows that it is indefensible. Unfortunately for PPC, in the age of ASIC’s it will be impossible to keep a sha256d network stable without it, so I would be highly surprised if it is actually removed. PPC’s underlying economic design is fundamentally flawed. Furthermore, even if PPC were stable without centralized checkpoints, that doesn’t magically make PoS a good idea. PoS features the perverse quality of the rich getting richer without spending anything to acquire more. It seems the market has largely rejected PPC for this reason.

While I’m on the topic of Sunny King, I must congratulate him for grabbing profit from Feathercoin without actually fixing it.

Early in Feathercoin’s life, Bushstar really struggled due to his extremely poor skills in basic software engineering to understand the code that he copied. After suffering from crippling reorg attacks and massive hashrate swings rendering the FTC network unusable, he initially begged coblee for help in fixing Feathercoin. We refused to accept a rather substantial bribe largely for two reasons. First, Feathercoin is an entirely meritless copy that exists entirely to profit its early adopters and promoters. Second, software is even more dangerous if its developers are incapable of understanding the code they are supposed to maintain. If you have a massive marketing operation to promote the value of your product, you better make damned sure that your product is safe and you are capable of responding to problems that may arise.

(Yes, these arguments could have been applied to Litecoin prior to its modernization and organization of a competent team to defend it.)
(Another note, coblee’s initial suggestion to Bushstar: If he’s serious about stabilizing the FTC network while keeping it decentralized, then change it into a merge coin in the same way Namecoin converted into a merge coin. Bushstar opted out of this proven solution because it takes away the ability to profit.)

Out of desperation and amid continued massive crippling attacks, they hired Sunny King to substantially mitigate the hashrate swings and to add his centralized checkpoints feature to Feathercoin. An inspection of Feathercoin’s 0.6.x github reveals that Sunny King did absolutely all code changes that were “difficult” in any way. Sunny King fixed only difficulty smoothing and centralized broadcast checkpoints. To our amusement, he did so without fixing any of the dozens of vulnerabilities that could allow a moderately skilled script kiddie to annihilate the FTC network. The difficulty smoothing change even enabled the spectacular attack where nearly all of FTC’s pools were knocked offline and the blockchain was crippled by a massive 72 block reorg.

(Today FTC seems to be struggling with making a working 0.8.5 release. This is especially sad, given it took me less than an hour to make a fully compatible Feathercoin client out of Litecoin a few months ago. It remains a mystery to me how anyone finds FTC to have any credibility. I guess marketing makes up for the complete lack of engineering competence.)

So … Sunny King is one of the few competent alt coin developers. The market has largely decided that his ideas are not good, but we congratulate him for successfully grabbing profit from Feathercoin without actually helping them to survive in a sustainable way.
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Yeah we’ve seen this. I thought it was silly then and now it’s even sillier. To say that the market has rejected PPC is just plain strange. When PPC finally overtakes LTC, I’m going to make sure to point to that thread. I won’t be a dick about it, but after those words it must be done.