[WTB] Primecoin mining proxy

Would anyone be able to make a simple proxy for primecoin to mine on beeeeer.org similar to the stratum proxy?

I just need to be able to point some workstations on the intranet to a workstation that has both intranet and internet access (which would run the proxy) so that the intranet workstations can mine.

I can get it to work if I install a proxifier application on each client to force the client to use a socks proxy but I don’t like this way. I’d rather not have to install anything on the client and just point the client to my main workstation instead.

I’m willing to put down 5 XPM as a bounty. I’d assume others would like something like this as well though.

Post this on the Bounties section (or maybe this post could be moved there) :slight_smile:

Also very interested in this. Willing to pay ok btc, ltc, xpm

Incredibly interested in this as well.

What OS is this machine running that you’ll be installing the proxy on?


what would you need for it exactly?

For me it’s win 2008/12 and win 7

I am running multiple intranet linux servers behind a proxy on my laptop.
My mining client is compiled version of https://github.com/thbaumbach/primecoin.
It works fine on rpool mining, and I think also suit for be^5.org pool.

Is there any one want it?

@ freenix

Is your proxy running under linux? Than I like to give it a try. Thanks

Actually the proxy program is a python script, originally runs under linux/unix environment, I made minor modification to run it on my Win7 laptop.


I need exactly what you describe but i need it to run on the following.

Miners - windows 2008 + 2012 servers
Proxy - Win 7 laptop

I currently am solo mining which is OK but i would prefer pool - this is where i run into trouble.

Can you help me with this?

it sucks, i can’t upload attachment file, giving up retries, so guys you have to download python script and make modification yourself.
1.download simpleproxy.py: http://www.mccarroll.net/snippets/simpleproxy/simpleproxy.py
2.comment out this line “import fcntl”, it is an unused module, which will report error under windows environment.
3. run it in cmd prompt: python simpleproxy.py proxyhost:proxyport desthost:destport

I an running it very well under python 2.7 win7. there also should be ok under linux os.

if it is helpful, never mind donate a little bit xpm to my address AWhLe22jKyoTh517gxtKyJGdxzb93XAniQ.