WTB NSR 1,4 mill in NSR/NBT trading pair on CCEDK.com, NSR/PPC and NSR/BTC also!

Hello all,

I hope you are all fully aware of the Nushares trading pairs available on CCEDK.

Just wanted you to know that NSR/NBT is also picking up with some buy orders of about 1,4 million shares.

Whether it is the right price or not I will leave it up for you guys to decide, but it would be great to have this trading pair up and running prior to the dividend payout to make all fully aware of its presence.

Welcome at CCEDK.com

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boessing

thanks! I wish more people trade NSR on your site.

I hope and expect it will come soon, anything takes time, and most probably activity will only pick up once first dividend has been paid out! I wish ofcourse it will come sooner, it’s hard to tell in this business.