Would you invest in Bitcoins?

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Bitcoin is king, until it isn’t. So short term yes, longterm no.
First there was myspace/altavista, then came facebook/google.

BTC is here to stay. Its blockchain is already used by a lot of other coin/assets out there.
no need to be unsuccessful :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe bitcoin is a long term failure. We are testing important lows right now, should they fail to hold bitcoin will be dead sooner than later. Maybe the smart money understood bitcoin’s critical points and terrible evolution and 2 months ago decided to start to selling like there’s no tomorrow. The problem is: is there really an alternative to that insustainable crap of PoW which is getting more and more centralized, and is managed by a bunch of maximalists fanatics math nerds (with little knowledge of economics, management, finance etc, which satoshi instead had)? Can really peercoin be an alternative as PoS? do you really believe this coin is better than bitcoin? that this PoS can’t be easily attacked and destroyed as the bitcointards argue all the time, without any proof at hand.

Bitcoin has the network effect that every decentralized distributed currency ned
At https://www.coingecko.com/en as much as i can tell, it looks like its still king until someonthing more compeling has better networth effect. i am bearish about the mining ecnomoy of bitcoin