Working on an online mining cluster manager


For the past few days I’ve been hacking away at a little web-based manager for cryptocurrency clusters (mine is Primecoin, and I think Primecoin is probably where it is most useful), basically solving a frustration of mine (pssh with lots of different machines is a pain in the arse!). Originally I planned on just making it and then posting but figured I could get some suggestions and get them built straight in :slight_smile:

What I’ve already thought about: (and have added / will be adding soon)

[ul][li]Node monitoring (uptime / hashrate / wallet balance)[/li]
[li]Email / SMS Notifications (block found / node offline)[/li]
[li]Graphing hashrate / uptime (personally I want nice graphs so I can see if there’s better times to run things like EC2 instances for mining)[/li]
[li]Coin management (optional) - have coins transferred to a main wallet when received (Unsure about: provide a hosted wallet? then don’t need a dedicated wallet to be online)[/li]
[li]IFTTT style triggers (example: run command x when a block is found)
[/li][li]Probably other obvious things I’m not thinking about[/li][/ul]

What I’m considering / wanting peoples thoughts on:

[ul][li]SSH Deployment - setup the mining machines based on a script I write / you upload[/li]
[li]Hosted wallet - provide a hosted wallet so people can keep their coins centrally[/li][/ul]

And another thing, would people feel better about keeping a script on their machine for me to access or use RPC (which would require their password to be stored on the serve relatively badly, symmetric encryption at best since it’s needed)

Is there any interest in a service like this (or is it just me being lazy? ;))

And would people be willing to pay a small amount each month to manage more than (amount to be decided, but for example) 5 servers (<£5, payable in XPM / BTC / LTC)

Also names? the best I could think of is “CryptoCluster” which doesn’t have any (active) trademarks associated with it (don’t really want to include anything primecoin related in the name since it will work with other coins :)) But I’ve never been great with names :stuck_out_tongue:

Would appreciate any suggestions!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on something similar to manage my cluster. If got it monitoring rates, but I’m still working on the web front end. Perhaps we can collaborate.

Strangely enough I have the opposite and my web front end works pretty nicely :wink:

What you using to communicate with them? RPC?

[quote=“ConnorRoberts, post:3, topic:799”]Strangely enough I have the opposite and my web front end works pretty nicely :wink:

What you using to communicate with them? RPC?[/quote]Nah. I have the program launch it, and just listen in on the output.

I’ve done this via rpc a while back, wallets are pretty easy to query - won’t work if you are using any miner though, output parsing is the way to go then ^^

I’ve always put the same wallet.dat into all miners and no, there won’t be any data corruption but since every block is credited to a new address it will run out of sync after 100 blocks mined ;D

So since every block is assigned to a new address, what happens (or needs to happen) once one is successfully mined? My initial cluster was set up and I found one almost instantly. Several days later, I transferred them (after it matured) and immediately doubled my cluster size. It’s been roughly a week and I have yet to see another block. (all nodes are the same and using the same address/private key)

I’m currently doing most of what you have in mind via CLI (except graphing) and have thought about whipping something up in python to interact with RPC. Utilizing chef for deployment which is simple enough.

If you make this project open and want contributors, I’m interested in helping.