Wont PPC Minting stifle trade?

Maybe I’m slightly confused, but the whole Minting element of PPC which is based around reward for HOLDING PPC (and making them unspendable for a little while) - well isn’t that a bad thing? I mean the value of any currency, especially crypto’s, are its ability to be freely and quickly exchanged, and the more “activity” there is, the better (generalisation I know).

Doesn’t minting promote hoarding of PPC and detract away from the spending element of it?

Actually it is a good thing in this particular case. Peercoin is not “just another cryptocurrency”. The rest of the coins can fight among themselves for top spot.

Peercoin fills a particular niche, a large store of value, similar to a savings account, or gold.

A good forum thread that talks about all of this, is here:


Also, the small block chain makes sure there will be a long and complete transaction history. Other coins will have to accumulate old transaction data to shrink their blockchain. PPC doesn’t have this problem, and therefore is very suitable for professional use.