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Win88 Casino launched their first game around June 2014 during a soft launch and it’s been growing very fast.

We are now at #32 on the top 100 Bitcoin betting site according to

Over 1,723,792 games played, 213 BTC wagered and given away more than 3 BTC since their opening.

Win88 Casino is looking forward to the feedback from the Bitcoin Gambling Guide Community as we continue to improve and also launch new games. As a matter of fact, admin is now working around the clock on the new games that are set to be released early August. The game we are working on is going to be a masterpiece.

Win88 Casino admin also is looking for the best way to automate cashouts and attain the best betting experience.
Anyway, the first game we offer is a variation of Rock Paper Scissors called RPSLS (Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock).
Every round against the computer (AI) is provably fair and we also offer multiplayer mode as well (peer to peer betting).

Verify each round by clicking on the corresponding ID in the results table.

Rewards, mini jackpots and bonuses are now automated and we have added different types of Leaderboards as well. With us, you will win in many ways.

We support both FREE bets (0 BTC) and also paid bets (any bitcoin amount > 0). No minimums on bet amount.

We also have a faucet which can be used to obtain Free BTC whenever you run out.

Site should be very fast and we have tested extensively with low bandwidth, high latency connections.

We provide “ping” speed in upper-right corner so you can see how your own connection fares. Play is best when ping is under 800ms.

For help and faq, you can visit support by clicking on the “Help” button or “FAQ” link at bottom of the screen.

You can also see a tutorial by clicking on the (?) button next the “Fight” button and click on “Repeat Tutorial”

Odds are 0.5% house take on multiplayer games (peer to peer) and are 4% house edge on Single Player mode (house only takes a commission on draws in single player)
The game is currently offered in other languages - English, Russian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and more.

For our referral program, people just need to share their personal link which can be found in Leaderboards->Referrals.

Reward for the referral may be as high as 0.1 BTC per week for we will award a fair amount based on the impact of the referrals.

Referral bonuses will continue perpetually and probably be on faster time cycle and of bigger value. It’s of benefit to refer people ASAP (i.e. now) since you gain long term effects of their play. Example: someone you refer this week still gives you credit for 2nd week and 3rd week and other daily bonuses and surprises as we launch them.

Please give it a go and let us know what you think - all suggestions welcome.

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As of today, July 29, 2014


*2k satoshi that you can use everytime you runout
*15k satoshi given every 200 bets made in the site
*2500k satoshi given every 50 bets made in the site
*As high as 0.1 BTC reward for the top referrer

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Win88 Casino is now preparing for 2 new game launches. They will definitely release 1 game by next week or maybe even 2! And not only that, Win88 Casino will also feature improved design and other cool addition to the site as well.