Will it be good for Primecoin if listed on exchanges like Fcoin?

Hi guys. Again, recently during my investment I noticed a new exchange called “Fcoin” is highly recommended by many of my friends. Is Fcoin’s mode better than the existing exchanges? And is it possible for us to help Primecoin to be listed?

don’t think it’s a sustainable business model. Fcoin seems like a scam.

It is a big hit now. Fcoin price is surging but I wonder if someone is making the market.

Agree, I do not think Fcoin is a nice one, though it is hit. Maybe I am a little risk averse, but Fcoin is too new to prove itself.

Let’s see what will happen next

Well it is absolutely true that Fcoin has caused congestion of Ethereum.

Looks like another ICO scam to me. Anyone tried trading on FT?

Betw. 20 and 21st July, its price dived. Rumor has it that its price has been manipulated by its team.

As I said, do not trust a new one, or you will lose money.