Why the sudden increase of the ppc hashrate?

In the last 24 hours the hash rate of PPC has almost doubled, with the same happening to difficulty and value vs USD and BTC.

A couple days ago on several mining calculators it was, beside BTC, the criptocurrency to mine.

Looking at the chain there is nothing out of the ordinary…
Will this have something to do with the decrease of diffculty on BTC? Although I think that doesn’t make any sense.

What do you think?

I don’t see anything surprising here. Could you link your evidences?

According to a pool, at this time Net hash rate is at 745 TH/s.

Checking https://bkchain.org/ppc you can see the reward coming down.

Also difficulty increasing (examples of some recent blocks)
Block Time Difficulty Amount
146713 12/04/2014 19:15:39 293,369,147.6331 76.41
146708 12/04/2014 18:50:11 291,280,423.8581 76.54
146706 12/04/2014 18:36:14 291,153,275.0587 76.55
146690 12/04/2014 16:13:09 289,838,910.7753 76.63
146659 12/04/2014 13:09:08 282,573,282.6924 77.12
146654 12/04/2014 12:56:28 282,335,192.1016 77.14
146642 12/04/2014 11:23:16 279,889,307.1579 77.30
146640 12/04/2014 10:57:03 279,635,990.0129 77.32
146639 12/04/2014 10:41:10 280,552,153.9912 77.26
146622 12/04/2014 09:03:24 275,321,917.3629 77.63
146615 12/04/2014 08:15:07 275,174,953.9714 77.64
146589 12/04/2014 04:41:03 272,442,219.0464 77.83
146585 12/04/2014 03:56:07 272,204,039.6225 77.85
146567 12/04/2014 02:15:37 267,928,503.4643 78.15
146531 12/03/2014 22:19:25 261,166,307.1908 78.66
146529 12/03/2014 22:14:09 262,587,490.1516 78.55
146520 12/03/2014 21:25:50 267,129,817.4913 78.21
146496 12/03/2014 17:15:51 261,516,453.3220 78.63
146493 12/03/2014 17:01:05 262,291,164.8929 78.57
146490 12/03/2014 16:31:45 265,326,368.2165 78.34

I know I’m really new to this whole scene, and can happen that what I’m saying is a complete bs, but I’m eager to learn… :slight_smile:

Wow, you’re right! So actually that’s within the past 12h!


Network: 744.88 TH/s

Yup, possibly caused by BTC’s decline!

168.313 TH/s here:


The pool source is that one.
I was mining there… It has a high quota of the total hashrate so finding blocks was something quite usual… And this morning saw that that was not happening… Checked some sites and waited to see where it was going…

Right now I’mining btc (sorry:)) and minting some ppc coins.

But hopefully this is temporary so that I can return to mine ppc, because the project really interests me.

These two guys are solving most of the blocks:



I think I’m gonna mine BTC for PPC soon :smiley:

Did you checked the number of transactions of the first address? 33 only…
Can this be something like a 51% attack?

And he started from scratch!

Nah, minting is securing our network for that. :slight_smile: So no 51% attack possible with PoW. (Sunny Kings’ ref. http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=244.msg1166#msg1166)

Well in my opinion it could be someone who changed its mind about BTC and who’s giving a try to BTC. Instead of investing directly on the market, if he has a big mining farm he’s mining some PPC.

Maybe, but for those starting now on ppc (yeah, I know I’m late, but better late than never) and were hoping to start growing itfs balance first trough mining them minting… It’s frustrating

If you don’t own mining equipment, just invest your FIAT money directly on PPC’s market. If you do, then mine other coins (if you wish) and convert them for PPC :).

But whenever you own some PPC, you should start minting.

Just read sunny’s post. Makes sense.
However, this big farm (surely for this hash power) will have to do something with the coins gererated…

Sell/convert - will decrease ppc value and may lead to miners go to others coins or even make ppc owners, even with old and heavily minted wallets, think twice before keeping them.

Save them for minting… In that case could PoS be compromised?

This guy has nothing to loose, but can we afford to loose?

I think he’s far from the top 10 for now :slight_smile:

You should also have a look at these Peercoin’s Myths: http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=2976.0

Well right now Let’s wait and see what happens…

Thanks thireus for the interesting conversation [emoji2]

[quote=“Refptbtc, post:14, topic:3131”]Well right now Let’s wait and see what happens…

Thanks thireus for the interesting conversation [emoji2][/quote]

Thanks for pointing this out :). That was a good catch!

Yes, let’s see what happens in the next couple of days. If there are more people joining you can consider that as a great news for PPC. If they keep their coins, PPC price could increase as a result of the high difficulty.

So I will ask for your humble and unpartial opinion:
With 450ghs:

  • sell hashing power to receive btc and convert them quickly into ppc as maybe a price increase is coming,
  • or continue to mining for (less) ppc?

[quote=“Refptbtc, post:16, topic:3131”]So I will ask for your humble and unpartial opinion:
With 450ghs:

  • sell hashing power to receive btc and convert them quickly into ppc as maybe a price increase is coming,
  • or continue to mining for (less) ppc?[/quote]

For now, BTC is still the most profitable coin to mine: http://www.coinwarz.com/cryptocurrency

So this person who’s using his mining power to generate PPCs has another opinion about it:

[ul][li]Could be because he thinks BTC is going further down.[/li]
[li]Could be because he thinks PPC is undervalued.[/li]
[li]Could be also because he wants to test PPC (for that theory, we’ll see if he stops mining after a few hours/days).[/li][/ul]

If you are looking for profitability, you should mine BTC (but honestly, who’s looking for profitability now?). If you are convinced PPC has a bright future, then mine PPC :).

As a matter of fact minting PPC is inmo more interesting than mining.
For now I keep mining PPC.

Edit: What I think will happen, is that this guy will keep its coins and keep mining. Preventing others to solve most of the blocks. Which will prevent people to dump their PPCs for other cryptos. As a result of what PPC USD price should rise.