Why PPC should release 0.4 ahead of BTC 0.9?

Before I raise my argument, please have a quick peek at the following link:

In Defense of Alternative Cryptocurrencies

What can PPC learn from BTC 0.9?

Let me quote from Vitalik: “The core idea is that some goods (or standards, platforms or protocols) are inherently more useful if more people use them; for example, a radio would be essentially useless two thousand years ago simply because there were no other people with radios to talk to. When applied to protocols and standards, this means that a standard that gathers more users immediately becomes more useful by virtue of having more users alone, and so even more users adopt it, creating a positive feedback loop that ultimately culminates in one or a few standards establishing market dominance.”

Core virtues/reason of PPC to attract more users

  1. Energy efficiency. It took me quite a while to figure out the reason behind this as an average joe.
  2. There has been misconceptions about the cap limit of PPC.
  3. Another advantage of PPC is the light weight client, 275mb blockchain compared to ~13GB of BTC. Many Chinese bitcoiners around me just can’t bear the weeklong download and turned to online wallet.
    PPC will lose this advantage once BTC 0.9 is released, which allows downloading blockchain headers only.

In order to gain a firm grip, the priority of ppcers is to expand the community, one simple indicator of which is the unique address everyday.

More unique address, more users.

My point is we need to help Sunny to develop or test PPC 0.4 before BTC 0.9 to expand PPC community users. Maybe PPC 0.3.5 will be just fine. Constant update is one of the key moves of mobile apps nowadays.