Why does the PEERCOIN team don't pay attention to marketing? Does PEERCOIN need not marketing?

Why does the PEERCOIN team don’t pay attention to marketing? Does PEERCOIN need not marketing?

I have always been unable to understand this problem.

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It is difficult to do that with an outdated website. People being marketed to will naturally look up the website to find out more about Peercoin and be turned off by what they find. We are working on the website project though. Also, with the foundation we should have more funding to dedicate to marketing now.

More generally, the reason why Peercoin has floundered on the marketing side is the same reason why public parks do not have good marketing. How many billboards have you seen advertising public parks? It is a social service. That said, marketing would be really great, and would be amplified by the reality of the service Peercoin provides when juxtaposed with the scamcoins that litter the ecosystem. The philosophy of ‘don’t talk about it, just do it’ that Peercoin has always taken is beneficial in its own ways, though the leadership has truly tried some alternatives recently. There is always pushback from the more conservative feeling members of the community, and that is understandable. Sometimes aggressive marketing can leave a bad taste in the mouth.

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The website is always outdated the minute you leave it there without maintenance and upkeep. A website should be dynamic and an integrated part of marketing efforts. I don’t see why aggressive marketing is seen as being conservative.

A good marketing plan would have a multitude of activities planned for a period of say 6 months or perhaps even 12 months and would be updated and reviewed every 3 months. Why can’t we get a professional to write such a plan, with objectives, target groups etc. and arrange for funding via Foundation or Peer4commit project and have one or two people executing it?

Just giving away 10k coins or supporting the Jamaican bob sled team is just a one-off stunt and causing a pump and dump if it is not supported and followed up by other activities. It is not conservative to ask for something sustainable. That is progressive. Activities leading to a short term pump and dump I would call just stupid unless your marketing focus is to attract day traders. Perhaps I invested in the wrong coin?

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We are a small team (remote, international) and we tell stories, as we think that stories are a very human way to bring people together. We experience this acutally every day, as we do it for living and with full passion.

What I see with Peercoin is, that there is a lot about the WHAT, and the HOW. What attracts people really and what makes them believe and share your vision, is the WHY. See Simon Sinek here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp0HIF3SfI4

I do want to mention, that I am impressed that your community is so strong, that shows me, that it´s not about design (in which Peercoin really looks like some PowerPoint Presentation) and honestly, I do not care, as long as the content provides value.

In my eyes you do not need a big marketing budget, you need the right people in your team, who believe in your vision and who commit to the idea, to make the world a better place, through concrete action.

I found you, dear Sentineirv, through Bitcoin Talk, before I invested today my first Euro´s through Litebit.eu to get PPC. What I faced with you: you are very social, you communicate and you justify your moves and actions in the Bitcoin Talk Forum. I was impressed about your engagement, your way of writing (polite, clear, based on arguments) and you were the final reason, why I bought PPC - because you stayed out of the crowd and represented the Peercoin, to me personally.

We do not buy the what, we buy why people do something.

Let´s share the deeper story of PPC and the WHY and you will see, that we do not need to invest in Adwords (which is anyway not allowed in the crypto-industry at the moment) and we do not need to run ads on FB (also not allowed at the moment), we do not need fancy IG Accounts or influencer.

We just need the real story, from the roots of this project, told by people, who express their feelings and emotions. I got a great example how google did it, without telling people one word about their company: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHGDN9-oFJE

That is all about emotions. And these emotions connect us with the brand, with google.

Take your time to watch the Simon Sinek Video, as this is the start for you guys, to run your marketing on the WHY and you gonna see what will happen with your reaching power. We promise you.

Peace from here to all of you,
nice to be here.