Why do you mine peercoin but not others?

I really wonder…

I don’t just mine peercoins is the simple answer :slight_smile:

I mine peercoins to help secure the network.
I mine BTC and Merge mine NMC in order to buy more PPC as most profitable with my ASIC’s and helps support buy orders for PPC
I mine LTC on my GPU’s to trade and buy PPC as most profitable with my GPU
I mine XPM on my CPU’s to help support the network security and hopefully break world records… and help some lonely mathematician

I earn devcoins by writing on devtome and am an admin for devtome.

In the past I have mined many many coins, but settled on peercoin as this is the one coin that actually makes a sensible / practical change to the bitcoin code. I can see the rational in having a different hashing algorithm as in LTC… but what difference does FTC bring to the game? or any or the other copy cat coins… Why is bitcoin a success and the others behind it? why is bitbar say not as popular as NVC? they are essentially exactly the same coin just in different quantities. Simple answer is the core of the community is not stupid… or maybe the investors are not so stupid… they recognise INNOVATION and that is one big step to making one crypto coin stand out over the others. Providing services and an active development team is also key to a coins success and tbh PPC fits the bill very nicely :slight_smile: added to that Peercoin’s apparent ability to keep tabs on the increase in network hashrate on bitcoin and also keeping tabs with it on price relative is rather impressive with the amounts of fiat $$ we were talking about 2 months ago.

So what do you mine? do you mine only Peercoin? what are your CPU’s doing? what do you do with your GPU’s?? What would you like to mine? and with what hashrate if money and machines was no limitation?