Why do you mine, invest or believe in Primecoin?

I’ll start by saying im totally new to crpto currencies and still have lots to learn. Firstoff, I have major respect for Bitcoin as being the first innovator and forging the road ahead for all digital currencies. I also have the utmost respect for Primecoin, which have taken this concept and usefulness in a whole new direction.
I support Primecoin because I beleive in its innovations and design. The collective work done by each and every miner has a positive value; the contributions made
to mathematics and science will be everlasting. I also believe that Primecoin will someday be a viable digital currency with faster transaction time when conducting commerce due to its alternative Proof of Stake work design. Whether that will happen sooner rather than later will depend on us, the Primecoin community.
So why are you drawn to Primecoin? Please share your thoughts :slight_smile:

primecoin doesn’t have PoS right? (or am I wrong?)
I thought maybe you are confusing the PoS from peercoin as an innovation in primecoin, correct me if I’m wrong

@ Master K, thanks for the honest opinion! I really appreciate it =)

@irritant, my mistake. yes proof of work. Iam a fan of Peercoin as well =)


my brother and me decided to mine Primecoins… It´s the intention behind which is sex. Doing something worthwhile for the own money and science too. In long terms science is a magnet for money, because science get´s paid… no matter how much bow´s, clubs or teslaweapons are around…

I also liked the development of the marketcapitalisation in the last days/weeks and the speed of implementation + the logical affiliation to Peercoins.


Personally i think we all avoiding the elephant in the room.

Look at the forum stats… We only mine cryptocurrencies cos we have no girlfriend / wife telling us to stop crunching data cycles!!

In all seriousness though I mine XPM for the world records and helping the mathematicions
I mine Peercoins for the innovation on bitcoin (and maybe the $$ value :stuck_out_tongue: )
I mine LTC as GPU’s spare atm and I like to give my friends 1LTC and 10 PPC when they get themselves set up with a crypto currency wallets


I believe in primecoin cause the cunningham proof of work system with prime numbers being the hashes sounds nice

I mine and trade primecoin because

  • by mining I feel the inner-working of crypto world more clearly;
  • I could mine other coins but XPM is CPU mined so I don’t only have 0.00002 coins after a weeks work;
  • The price action of XPM has been good so trading has been fun and the incentive of mining XPM gets tangible;
  • I could mine other CPU/GPU conis but every primecoin block I find is connected to a unique C-chain, and it’s permanently, verifiablly “mined by mhps” no matter where its XPMs circulate in intergalactic commerce in the future. Not many people realize how cool this is – with primecoin every unit of money is mapped to a unque C-chain which is unique in our universe. It cannot be destroyed once mined into existence. It’s ownership can change but it never changes. “You don’t have your XPM. You have your turn.” :wink: That is why I try to keep most of my solo-mined blocks and only spend the pool-mined XPMs.
  • It’s even cooler if I happen to get a world record or if the mathmaticians find something useful because of my mining.

Because crunching mathematics is cool, and gut feeling :slight_smile: