Who owns peercoinmyths.com?

Please PM me, or tell the person to update the site with the “Nothing at stake” and “Stake grinding” myths.

(I get those thrown in my face all of the time, so it would be nice with a link)

I believe John Manglaviti/JustaBitofTime owns it. I was hoping once Peercoin.net is revamped, we could include an updated myths section and forward that address to it.

Also, nothing at stake seems to be people’s main defense and excuse for not further researching Peercoin. It’s almost as if people put their fingers in their ears and start yelling “Blah Blah blah, nothing at stake, I can’t hear you!” :))

We plan on asking Sunny about it in the next interview.

Yes tell me about it. My ears are bleeding.

That sounds excellent. I think it would be really good if he could also point out where in the code, the coin age thing is. Then the myths page could have his comment along with a reference to the code. That would be perfect to link to, when going swimming in the shark reddit tank.

I would also really much appreciate if Sunny could go on “record” debunking the “stake-grinding” myth. It isn’t that known, but I think people will bring it up as when they find that “nothing at stake” is not working any longer.