Who is SunnyKing?

I, for one, would like to know it’s age and area of expertise.

Did he every say his age / identify was a private matter ? It might be obvious to you but many altcoin creator are open about these.

His market attempt had me question everything.

What has “invest what I can lose” has to do with anything ? I’m so tired of reading this twice a day… AS IF THAT WASN’T OBVIOUS !!!

If I were developing a digital currency to help free us from the control of central banks, I would want to keep my identity a secret too. Who knows how many people would be after you. Although, didn’t Sunny go to some kind of Cryptocurrency meeting recently? I thought I read something about it. If so, maybe he’s not worried about exposing himself after all.

He’s a smart guy who is going to take PPC to wonderful places, anonymously for now.

As long as his motives for PPcoin are sincere, and meaningful development continues to improve the coin, I have no problem with him remaining anonymous for years to come.

I am perfectly fine with Sunny King being anonymous.

But a thing that has made me curious is that he/she often uses the word “we” when referring to him in his writings. Is he/she perhaps a group of more than one person? (like some believe Satoshi Nakamoto is a group)

It could be pluralis auctoris, pluralis modestiae or even pluralis majestatis (as “Benevolent Dictator for Life” :wink: ) too, so this doesn’t have to mean nothing. Just some thoughts.

Sunny king worked with a guy called Scott I believe on the original PPC code… was mentioned in the whitepaper, also I think it is good that SunnyKing has kept his identity secret so as not to be directly attacked or targeted etc… long live PPC and SunnyKing… the King of my sun shine!! :stuck_out_tongue:

google search for sunnyking pulls up this guy… so here is the face of Sunny King :smiley:

given sunny is equal to if not more advanced than LTC/BTC devs…and is about to put out XPM

its stands to reason he is the best candidate for satoshi

I think it is in the best interests of cryptos he keep anon, and for himself to be honest

Get over it. It’s an open source projetct.

I suspect that he could be Satoshi Nakamoto.

YES,I’m sure, he is Satoshi Nakamoto, There’s no doubt about it!

Hate to burst the bubble but read Satoshi’s opinion on energy consumption.

Sunny is not Satoshi. Sunny is probably smarter than Satoshi :wink: