Where login + pass?

I had a piercoin wallet. I was doing minting
the hard drive died. downloaded a new wallet, tell me how to log into my old account? where to enter the password + wallet?
thank you very much

You need the wallet.dat file

Have you downloaded the new wallet/client onto the same computer or a different one?

same computer… but hard disk was formatted

I’m sorry, but it sounds like your coins are lost.

The software that is downloaded to your hard drive, and creates your client, also stores a file (wallet.dat) that stores the actual coins.

Unless you backed up your wallet.dat (in this case, it would need to be on an external drive, such as a USB stick) then the wallet.dat would have been erased when the hard disc was reformatted.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me can comment?

I will try recover my hard disk … and if recover, what do with this file?

In the first instance, copy it to a USB, or email it to yourself

Second, if you re-download the Peercoin client, this will automatically create a new (empty) wallet.dat

You then swap the new/empty wallet.dat with the version that has your coins

wich name on Mac? wallet.cpp?

As far as I am aware, the file with your peercoins on a mac is the same as on Windows - wallet.dat

Unless someone else can advise differently?

There shouldn’t be a wallet.cpp, because the wallet is not a c++ program. It should be wallet.dat