When will POS be more effective than POW

for PPC ? If it’s on top of your head, can you please just tell me . :smiley:

Edit: http://ppc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/chain/PPCoin & http://www.coinwarz.com/cryptocurrency/coins/ppcoin

Depends on the difficulty level.

Based on current trends, it could be soon, like within 2-3 years.

Compare the cost of buying mining equipment and mining them, vs just buying PPCoins and holding them.
Current block reward is about 260 coins.
If you spend $3,000 on mining gear, you can get some decent gear and probably get several coins per day.
If you spend $3,000 on buying PPCoins, at about $.19 each you’d get approximately 15,789 coins.
Will it take more time to mine the coins, than what you could get by buying the coins, + collecting 1% per year on them?
PPCoin’s inflation rate is decreasing rapidly, even faster than Bitcoin.

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Or go here: http://www.cryptocoinexplorer.com/

assuming that the PoW doesn’t change?!