When will peercoin core get up to date with bitcoin

The current version of peercoin (0.5.4) is based on a old version of bitcoin. When will peercoin catch up to bitcoin?

Bitcoin has gotten caught up with a bunch of softforks. We likely will not follow Bitcoin Core where it is going.

Can you elaborate on that? What softforks? Examples? Why would that be bad for Peercoin?

So future releases of peercoin will be completely new code? If so that is a big change from SK’s conservative approach to development in the past.

We will likely migrate to something like Bitcoin classic, but many of our intentions for development after v0.6 are aimed at PoS which Peercoin has uniquely implemented. The PoS implementation in Peercoin has always been ‘new code’, it’s not like we’re going to scrap large portions and rewrite them, just that we will focus future development on making innovations.

v0.6 will merge more of the bitcoin code, and we are still looking to take what we can from them (such as up to date dependencies). However, much of bitcoin development after v0.10 has been aimed at fixing their fee problem, which we do not have. We will have to begin separating the chaff from the wheat.

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