When will Peercoin be worth more than LTC?

I’m voting option 5. Oct-Dec. No real reason besides I think it will take some time, but that it will happen this year.


I’m worried about people getting too comfortable because of the price rises. If we don’t continue to make progress, this won’t ever happen. There are many projects on the forum right now. Please find something that interests you and help out. Check out the Peercoin Activist section of the forum. Here is a listing in there of many of the projects that are being worked on…


You can also officially volunteer here…


I voted 2015. It’s not necessarily Peercoin growing fast, but Litecoin might just not grow or very slowly as interest in Litecoin decays over time. It is hard to predict and really depends on Peercoin getting out the user-friendly mobile clients with NFC support and support for payment processors in the short term. Also how Peercoin manages the fee when the value of Peercoin jumps over a certain treshold and gets to expensive to use for smaller payments.

i vote mid 2014

all good points PeerCoin may get alot of it’s value as a back bone currency, eg is more BTC than BTC for store of value. The miting button and clarification of the password thing when minting is what I think shall help alot. It brings into play all those people who want to ‘mine’ mint but none of the hardware issues!

I think peercoin will really take off once it hits the news and reaches the public’s attention. This is what happened with bitcoin last year, and we all see how great bitcoin is doing now since the highly publicized crash of silk market, and the confiscation of millions of dollars in btc.