When does the new version(0.6) of peercoin come out?

When does the new version(0.6) of peercoin come out ? How is the schedule going?

It’s coming along very well. I don’t want to over-promise (especially as I haven’t personally contributed), but we are aiming for summer 2017.


Thank you for your reply

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Will Peercoin 0.6 be migrated to Bitcoin 0.8? Peercoin 0.7 to Bitcoin 0.14?

What kind of help is needed?

Would also like to get peercoin to latest Bitcoin soon to try smart contracts

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Why hasn’t there been a new version(0.6) news?There is no progress commentary?


Basically QT stuff only.

You’ve misunderstood something? Bitcoin supports smart contracts since day one, so does Peercoin. It’s how the thing works.

You can follow progress at our Github.

Which means: Look here and here if you want to see, what’s going on. And if you want to help. :slight_smile: