What's the effort required to split the Peercoin wallet from Peercoin-QT?

As I work through this conceptual redesign of the wallet, I’ve started to ask myself if Peercoin-QT is the correct place for the wallet UI to live, or, if it’s a stand-alone application that sits next to the server/client.

Other than Sunny, do we have others on the team that are technical enough to head up an effort to write the back-end and UI framework for a stand-alone wallet? I can definitely contribute to the research and design efforts to determine what needs to go into the wallet, but my grasp of programming (at this point) is limited to mostly front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, with a bit of Ruby and PHP), so I don’t want to get in over my head and have the project flounder because there’s not enough progress.

Of the current Volunpeers who’ve submitted surveys, how many of them have software development skills listed?

First question though, is splitting the wallet out a good idea? If Peercoin-QT can provide access to the API, I imagine that wallet development would become considerably easier (web wallets, mobile wallets, desktop wallets, etc.)

I’m just starting to look through the code now, it’s going to take me a while as I’m not a C++ dev but I think it does make sense to split into two projects, one for the server/daemon and one for the wallet. I reserve the right to change my mind after looking through the code though :slight_smile:

From what I know you tend to build the QT off the back of the daemon. I think there is an area of duplicate code that would take place if it was removed. But this just my initial thoughts speculations on the matter.

My C++ is getting better but is no where near good enough for me to undertake this on my own, though I’d love to be more involved in this area and be able to actually help sunny develop the core code behind the scenes so i’m watching this thread… now my freelance work is coming to conclusion I should be able to storm through a few projects that been put on side line and then hopefully have a look into this more

So my recommendations would be to keep the Qt bundled in the same project, but a redesign could easily be in order… anyone got a link to the github repo for the multi coin wallet? i’d be interested in having a look and seeing what is different and what would be needed for PPC to be the main chain say and btc added as an extra


I’m C++ developer. however I would avoid to go so away from the mainline (bitcoin) in this moment. to have a common base, specially with a reduced number of developers, allow us to profit from many bug fixes and improvements done on bitcoin. Said that, its a good idea, but maybe in the future.