What's Being Worked on - Summer Roadmap

Here is an overview of what is currently being worked on, plus the roadmap for the summer:

Peercoin Website

repo: GitHub - peercoin/peercoin.net: Web files for Peercoin.net

depends on: N/A

Website is currently being re-done in react.js to allow for easier upgrades and translation integrations.

ETA: 2 weeks

Perpera Web Client

repo: GitHub - peercoin/perpera-web: A web client for Perpera data-audit protocol.

rfc: peerassets-rfcs/0009-data-audit.md at master · PeerAssets/peerassets-rfcs · GitHub

depends on: N/A

Perpera is document audit protocol loosely based on the PeerAsset protocol. It allows for document notarization, document ownership transfers and querying of the revision history. It combines the immutability of a public blockchain and some elements of the git protocol. The web client is a simple to use frontend intended for mainstream use.

ETA: 1 week

Peercoin Client v0.8

repo: GitHub - peercoin/peercoin: Reference implementation of the Peercoin protocol.

depends on: N/A

As you may already know, v0.8 is a major milestone in our protocol development. Arguably it’s the most important release since v0.1, which introduced the first viable Proof-of-Stake blockchain system to the world. v0.8 is based upon bitcoin-core v0.16 and brings our codebase up to speed with recent Bitcoin developments which includes segwit and sets the stage for Lightning Network integration.

Other notable changes are the removal of the transaction timestamp, which makes Peercoin transactions compatible with Bitcoin transactions and will allow easier integration with various Bitcoin tooling. Another important change is removal of the block signature for PoW blocks, which makes PoW fully compatible with Bitcoin mining and will ease the mining process for interested miners, making the process more efficient. This is being done to increase the number of active miners by making the process of shifting between various sha256 networks easier.

ETA: 2 months

Insight API Port

Insight API is a core piece of the Bitpay architecture, which includes advanced block explorer, merchant/payment integration, copay mobile wallet and other useful tools.

ETA: summer 2019

Trezor hardware Wallet Integration

depends on: Insight API port

Trezor is a popular hardware wallet platform, arguably the second most popular after Ledger Nano. Ledger Nano integration exists for Peercoin since early 2017, however support for Trezor was never requested by the Peercoin community members so developers did not pay much attention to it.
However Trezor integration is arguably easier than Ledger Nano integration, and it’s only a short way from Insight API port to full Trezor integration.

ETA: summer 2019

Lightning Network Integration

depends on: v0.8 release

I would guess that Lightning Network does not need special introductions. The work on this will begin as soon as v0.8 is stabilized and put to production.

ETA: late summer, 2019

Bug Bounty Program

Implementation of a bug bounty program is being set forth with a goal to encourage the community to participate with the testing of our tech stack.

ETA: 2 weeks

Exchange Listings / Liquidity

The Foundation is actively working on new exchange listings and the increase of on-exchange liquidity for the Peercoin markets.



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Great to see an updated roadmap with many new developments.

Will be late winter for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere. Say August/September.

Good first step. Looking forward to the day when this becomes an integrated part of Sharepoint like open source tools like Nextcloud.

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