What should we do in order to raise donations as Primecoins in Bitcoin Utopia?


I am Henri Heinonen, CTO Bitcoin Utopia - a crowd donation platform for science.

Our website is located at www.bitcoinutopia.com. The purpose is to raise donations for science project campaigns. We want to support various cryptocurrencies and we got really interested in your Primecoin cryptocurrency because it seems to be on Cryptsy.

We would love to support Primecoin in Bitcoin Utopia. There are a couple of questions we would like to ask:

  1. Is there a mining community for Primecoins?
  2. What should we do in order to raise donations as Primecoins in Bitcoin Utopia?

Yours sincerely, Henri Heinonen.

Hello Henri Heinonen,

Welcome to the Peercoin and Primecoin community :slight_smile:

Yes there is a large Primecoin community here, many who mine on the major Primcoin pools are members here, beeeer.org being one of the largest pools.

There are now GPU miners being released for primecoin as well so the community has active developers working on services and improvements for Primecoin.

One of our users made http://prime4commit.com/projects where people can list their github repos and donations can be made that are then distributed to the developers responsible for the commits.

Primecoin is still in its early days really so any publicity is important and probably the best way to raise funding, i’m a developer so I’m not a fund raiser ideas man but i’m sure other members of the community will chime in with ideas and thoughts on the best way to raise donations as Primecoins.

We have had a very good response from the scientific and maths community with primecoin, the developer of the SETI software joined the forums after hearing about Primecoin, so further awareness in this area is crucial. There is a lot of talk on the inefficiency of bitcoin mining and how the primecoin model actually helps advance science by finding prime numbers not known before. The more people realise that with primecoin you get all the benefits of bitcoin with added bonus’s for science and maths.

Any questioon you have please dont hesitate to ask and if you want any more information the community will do its best to provide you as quickly as possible.




I’m looking for volunteers to mine Primecoins and Peercoins for our campaigns. :be happy:

Ask in hte original XPM announcement thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=251850.0
and check out the miner threads