What do you Want to See in a Revamp of Peercoin.net (Post Your Feature Ideas)

I had a small chat with Super3 about revamping peercoin.net, which I’ve provided the transcript for below. If this revamp is going to be happening, we should discuss what we want to see incorporated into the new site. Here is the list of things I wanted to see…

1. A more peercoin-like color theme. The current use of teal doesn’t work. We need to use colors like those used on our subreddit, dark, light and green.
2. The Peercoin logo should not be hidden in the background. It should be in plain view not obstructed by anything. Our logo is the most important symbol on the page.
3. We need our social media icons moved back to the top right corner of the home page. This placement is very important, because it allows for maximum exposure without the need to scroll down the page. Since our icons have been moved further down the page, I’ve seen a drastic reduction in the amount of likes on our Facebook page. These social media pages are important because we can use them to keep people in the loop.
4. A Peercoin newsletter signup form. Check the chat log below for more info on this.
5. Better content organization. Check this conversation between Super3 and iheartcryptocoin for ideas on this. I’ve heard it said before that we need a CMS (Content Management System) as well.
6. A news blog should be implemented, in addition to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. I could possible manage this blog, since I control our Facebook account already.
7. A FAQ (Fequently Asked Questions) page should be created so that we can answer lots of usual questions. We have a small section right now on the home page, but several answers don’t sound like they were written to address the question being asked, for example the question about checkpoints. The quote from Sunny doesn’t sound like it fits there. These answers just need to be rewritten.
8. A more organized page dedicated to storing and displaying our marketing tools for people to use, rather than relying on forum threads: logos, business cards, merchant badges, ad banners, presentations, etc…
9. Not sure on this one, but a Twitter and Facebook feed. Maybe not on our home page, but on the page with our news blog.
10. Things to keep: the text logo and slogan in the upper left corner of the home page, our market cap indicator

I’m sure there’s plenty more things that can be implemented, so I’ll leave the rest up to you guys. What else should be included? Here is the transcript of our chat as well…

Sentinelrv: Super, are you still there?

super3: yup still here

super3: whats new?

Sentinelrv: I know you mentioned that you had just graduated and would have more time now right?

Sentinelrv: But I see you’re heavily involved with Storj.

Sentinelrv: I just wanted to know if you want us to take the lead on the web design front or if we should wait for you.

Sentinelrv: I’m not sure if you have plans for it already.

Sentinelrv: Like any kind of redesign plans or reorganization?

super3: yeah, its going to be another month or so before im fully free

super3: yeah the peercoin website needs to be redesigned to be more action based

Sentinelrv: I know you previously talked about that in PM’s.

Sentinelrv: Is there anything we can do to help while you’re still busy or no?

Sentinelrv: I just know that our marketing video might be done by then.

Sentinelrv: And lots of new people will probably be visiting the website because of it.

Sentinelrv: Maybe if you had something in mind you could post a thread with all the details and we could see what we could do.

super3: well you guys have access to the repo so you can push whatever changes you like

Sentinelrv: Yeah, but I don’t think anyone want to change anything unless they know what your future plans are for it.

super3: i plan to have my main designer revamp the whole peercoin website at some point, but he still has a bunch of storj stuff to do

super3: http://i.imgur.com/spD2eOq.png

super3: need to reduce the peercoin.net site down to the essential

Sentinelrv: We could probably fix smaller things because we had access, but any larger changes should probably be in alignment with what you had planned.

super3: people only care about downloads, mining, resources, minting, whitepaper in that order

super3: everything else is fluff

Sentinelrv: Are you sure people aren’t checking the news because we don’t update it? We don’t have a blog either.

super3: yeah we need quite a few things

super3: see http://storj.io

Sentinelrv: I know you had a quick sketch which included a lot more things on the home page. Is this the reason why, because the home page is the most trafficked area?

super3: peercoin needs to be up to that level

super3: well the homepage needs to point the users to where we actually want them to go

super3: i only got that stuff done because i hired a web dev, might have to do that for peercoin as well

Sentinelrv: If you wanted to do that now (hire someone else) rather than later and you need more funding, it’s possible we could try to raise some funds for you. Just let us know.

super3: already have access to some funds laying around for peer4commit

super3: should organize those first before looking for more funds

super3: ideally id like to have a person or two on my team dedicated to mostly peercoin

super3: i can align the goals of peercoin and storj to get 2x

super3: so we both could use a android wallet just make it so that the code is interchangable etc.

Sentinelrv: And again, if you need something, like for us advertise for people to help you, people that could be on your Peercoin website team, just let us know what you need.

super3: alright ill give it some thought and put up a solution

Sentinelrv: We can advertise this through social media, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter until we find somebody that meets your standards.

Sentinelrv: I’m not sure if you agree, but I’d said before that when it is revamped, I’d like to see more Peercoin-like colors used, rather than the teal we use now. I was thinking more like our subreddit, with the dark, light and green colors.

super3: yeah the branding needs work

super3: oh finding the people is easy for me, just need to be able to reward/pay them

Sentinelrv: Ok, good. Yeah, just post a thread and let us know what your plan is once you think it through. Lots of people are waiting for this I think. It would also sho some movement from us. It appears from the outside that we’re stagnant and might have something to do with the recent price drop, coupled with other things.

super3: yeah plenty of community but not much movement

super3: ill try to organize my wallets by the end of this week and start moving some stuff forward

Sentinelrv: If you had a better way to integrate the volunteer form as well, that would be great. http://www.volunpeer.org/

super3: ok

Sentinelrv: Right now I have to manually take people’s email addresses from the Google spreadsheet and move them over to our Mailchimp account.

Sentinelrv: They don’t get to confirm with their email that they wanted to be added to a mailing list.

Sentinelrv: There has to be a better way to set this up I think.

Sentinelrv: Anyway, thanks for the chat. Looking forward to hearing something on this soon, thanks! :slight_smile:

Cybnate: Thanks guys, hope we get this moving again soon

super3: yeah you should just do that through a mailchimp signup

super3: like we have on http://storj.io

Sentinelrv: The problem with that is that we don’t get to ask any of the other questions on the forum, which gives us a lot of info on volunpeers for use later. Unless we just had two forms?

Sentinelrv: What their interests are, experience, etc…

Sentinelrv: Check http://www.volunpeer.org/ to see what I mean. Lots of useful info for us.

Sentinelrv: But I can’t insert a mailchimp form on there to collect the email address as well. It just goes to a spreadsheet, which I have to copy over to Mailchimp manually.

super3: then have the mailchimp separate

super3: have people signup for the newsletter on the website

super3: and/or automate it through mailchimps apis

Sentinelrv: Maybe once somebody signs up for the newsletter on peercoin.net, they automatically get taken to a confirmation page with the Google form integrated where they can add more info if they want.

Sentinelrv: Optional info, not required to sign up for the newsletter.

river333: yeah newsletter should be separate from volunpeers. don’t want to annoy people if they are not interested in being a volunpeer but just want news

Sentinelrv: I’ve been busy recently, so no volunpeer email lately. But when I do send them out, I include news at the end of the email. What I could do is switch it around. Make the email mainly about the news and add in an optional volunpeer task if they wish to help out. Would that be better?

river333: yes that sounds ok

Sentinelrv: Great, that sounds like a solution then. Sign up for newsletter on peercoin.net, hittting submit takes you to a confirmation page with an optional form if you’d like to become a volunpeer. Everyone gets the same email though, mainly news with an optional task added in at the end. The optional volunpeer form is just so we can collect more details if they’d like to be further involved.

agree with super3 about reducing it down to its essentials,

8. A more organized page dedicated to storing and displaying our marketing tools for people to use, rather than relying on forum threads: logos, business cards, merchant badges, ad banners, presentations, etc...

wouldn’t it be useful to have a zipfile package with everything and make it available on the download/resources page ?

what I’m missing sometimes is a statistics page, could use blockexplorers for that, updated version of a worldmap with the nodes , http://bitinfocharts.com/nodes3d.html

[quote=“irritant, post:2, topic:2452”]

8. A more organized page dedicated to storing and displaying our marketing tools for people to use, rather than relying on forum threads: logos, business cards, merchant badges, ad banners, presentations, etc…

wouldn’t it be useful to have a zipfile package with everything and make it available on the download/resources page ?[/quote]

In my thread I linked there, I have zip files as well as links to Imgur albums and photos. Sometimes people don’t want to download everything without knowing what’s in it first. They’d rather select something specific from a list.

And some site integration, e.g. to have RSS feed of latest 10 posts on a side bar on website (like sidebar on reddit). Also a direct link to latest newsletter, the forum, top 10 projects of peer4commit, the whitepaper etc… This makes it all relevant, dynamic and up to date. And of course just have the essentials including a language selector on the top bar, the main video and maybe some links to the instruction videos posted recently.

I think it would be great if it didn’t say:



it does that for me.

EDIT 1: also price should be higher… at least $100.000.000 ;). (not kidding about market cap and total supply though. maybe just a temporary error? still there when I refresh page though)

EDIT 2: ok now it works. just a temporary glitch a presume.

I like to see the list of active projects in development, so that people know peercoin is full of life and does not get old., maybe pulling stuff from peer4commit.

The new site will need to offer downloads for both Peerunity and Peercoin, and explain clearly the difference between the two. In my opinion, the average user should be encouraged to download Peerunity, while still explaining that it is a community client and not the official release.

The new site could also mention Peershares and have a link to peershares.net.

From Reddit:

a way to submit problems. I know of a couple (myth #3 for example isnt english) and the market cap says $0 but I don't know how to submit that to admin."

I know Super3 is probably going to say to submit a github issue, but I think we need to be honest here that not everybody knows how to do that. Maybe we should include a contact us form where people could submit issues or errors they find.

You might want to edit it so that the things on its front page mention the really small block chain size. If people knew it was only a couple hundred megabytes to Other coins gigabytes they might just download it on a whim.

You might want to copy and paste the Github ppcoin FAQ, and List of Merchants pages.

You might also want to change the download a wallet page, perhaps include a link to peerunity there, and write small descriptions of the two wallets.

You could also link to the video tutorials on setting up a wallet, linked to on the reddit peercoin page.

You might also want to update your resources page, add the minting calculator for example, remove any dead links, and add any new exchanges. Perhaps include a dedicated country by country how to buy peercoin guide. Most of the pages could be pretty much the same, but it makes it seem more official and professional.

You could also include instructions with the wallet on how to open a full node, step by step. A lot of people just don’t know how, and don’t want to take the time to google it.

Personal Opinion ; You might want to edit the donations part, to say something like Donate here to help fund the development of resources for Peercoin, rather than what you’ve got right now as it makes it appear slightly like the developer of the coin works on commission for peercoin.

Tea42 brought it up in another post on the forum.

I would like to see a section that provides a brief description of the developers. It doesn’t have to be there actual names but their pseudonyms and could include the work they have completed in the past or related to peercoin. A lot of people still are of the belief that it is just Sunny King. They are unaware of the new talent of the development team with peercoin/peerunity/peershares

I posted this in another thread, but I should’ve posted it here:

I have the impression that the long term surviving coins are the ones with both original technology and strong dev teams. Since not too long there is a very strong team working on both peershares and peercoin (instead of one strong dev), but I don’t think this is common knowledge beyond this forum… So possibly a lot of people are still thinking that Peercoin is maintained by ‘just one guy’.

Would it be a good idea to have a section on peercoin.net with some information on the dev team?

And maybe a section with a graphic overview of the ‘current projects’ so it’s more clear what’s happening in Peercoin world (0.5 development, peershares, peerunity). The peercoin.net/projects is currently under menu ‘contribute’, people might not click on that on their first visit.

Place the elements / layout in such a fashion that a browser screenshot looks good minaturized. Often news articles will do a screen grab of the main website. Stick it in an article, and that article stays on the web forever.

Also, don’t over clutter the main screen. People showing up for the first place need one of 3 things done:

a) What is peercoin

b) How do I get some

c) How to I find out more

This is why big corporate sites often have things like my.ebay.com or my.phonecompany.com which is a launchpad site after you’re an experienced user.

For an example of what I’m talking about, go to www.getfirefox.com and see the simplistic nature of the page.

The main site should be simple, to the point, brand well.

By the way, if you want to see the old site in a demonstration video, see this one (November 2013)


i would like the icons such as http://peercoin.net/assets/img/icons/rocket.svg to have less colour personally. for example see the icons on this site:
http://www.blackcoin.co , they are just white and fit better with the overall theme…

i like the structure and simplicity of above site.
ESPECIALLY the large team with names and fotos! this is what makes a successful
business :wink: