What do you think Sunny King's long term strategy is?

Regarding client v0.4 Sunny said this:

"Thanks for your comment. The release is a bit slow. This is because I am trying to work on other aspects of the long-term strategy as well, but be assured that I am committed to continue development/maintenance of both Peercoin/Primecoin. For example, I have turned down all invitations to other currency projects due to my commitment to these two projects.

Also, I am watching the political development closely as well, as this is very significant towards our strategy for the next couple years. As you probably already realized, the real battle is not this coin vs that coin, but libertarian vs statist."

Just wanted to hear some thoughts as to what you think this could mean.

It could be a billion things, changing each day.

For instance, with the MtGox fiasco, perhaps he could code some sort of “special wallet address” into the network protocol that would rate-limit transactions or do something special to solve a particular problem.

Maybe taking the zerocoin library technology and inserting them into Peercoin

The sky is the limit here.

I think we all wondering Yurizhai. We have only small bits and pieces and rumours (e.g. bitcoind v0.8 api)
Looking forward to the interview which hopefully will take place soon. Hope that coincides with the publishing of the source code for v0.4