WEX is buying PPC tokens 1 to 1 right now


WEX is buying PPC tokens 1 to 1 right now


Yeah I redeemed all my tokens a few days ago and withdrew from Wex, some funny stuff on right I wouldnt trust them if you can remove your coins.


PPC is currently being used as a withdrawal vehicle on wex because btc withdrawals are frozen and usd withdrawals have a huge fee.


The future of the WEX is uncertain at this moment




wex was the bigest PPC exchange. Hope they will return


The article is in Russian, what is the conclusion?


Conclusion is: “Unknown future”


I wouldn’t count Wex out, if you recall they would pay out anyone 55% of their coins/cash when they returned after being shutdown by the US authorities, some people took up that offer and once re-opened the remaining people had 63% of their finances available, all this FUD helps to fill the coffers again with people taking big losses to move out from WEX.

I was one of the lucky ones and haven’t lost anything since the BTC-E days, I was able to withdraw all my peercoin a week ago after buying the wex tokens for .55 PPC when they returned.