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Hello I’m bobbahope, I’ve been following primecoin from about a day after it’s initial announcement, and I mined it for about a week and a half before difficulty rose to about 10.


Yes. A new XPM fan…


Hello Everyone,
Its Derek from Melbourne Australia, and I am happy to have a good volume of both PPC and Primecoin

Hi I’m epicblood from bitcointalk
Really just want to mine XPM and exchange for BTC xD

Hi all

I’m a newbie from NZ just starting to try this mining stuff so I hope you won’t mind too much if I ask a dumb question.

Hey all! I’m Gilligan from, well most of you know where I’m from ;).

Anyhow, I’m a little late to the cryptocurrency market but I’m gonna do my damned best to get cuaght up.

Glad to be here.


Hello all,

I’m Scott J from Bitcointalk. Been registered there since 2011, but only just found this forum :slight_smile:

I’ve dabbled in some alt-coins (mostly LTC) but could see the potential of Primecoin as soon as it was released.

I mined over 100 XRP over three days in July but stopped when blocks got harder to find.

Now I’m pool mining which I should have started sooner :slight_smile:

Hi all :slight_smile:


Another newbie :slight_smile: Got intererested in primecoin since love I math problems

Go PrimeCoin, go PrimeCoin, GO. 8)

Sexy new maths. :-*

My problem with the *coins was that the POW never is useful. It just sustains the coin itself…
And the I found that primecoins exist :wink:

Hello! My name is jBacchus and I followed the directions from http://www.primecoiner.com/primecoin-get-started/… but I can’t tell if it is doing anything or not. Is there a way to check?

Hello, everyone.

I’m very new to crypto currency, but extremely excited to get involved. I’m sure this forum will help out a lot in finding the best way to make myself a bit of extra cash, and make some new friends maybe.

I’d better get learning.

My curiosity about cryptocurrency has finally got the better of me. Less then a week ago I started on BTC, and then moved here last night. I find it more interesting, and the lower block difficulty is attractive. Looking forward to the challenges and fun such a pursuit will bring.

Hello I’m Mrrr. My boss got me a brand new quadcore (win8) and I decided I’d join Beeeerpool just for the heck of it. Since its not my quadcore in the first place I overclocked it (amd A10-5700} from 3400 to 3700 and now its doing 0.6 chain/day. I found 8 chains/shares today so I suppose I am supposed to be happy but still. I could technically fire it up to 4000/core but AMD prolly wont like that (24/7). The question at hand is am I efficient with the miner I found here or could I squeeze a couple more xpm at my boss’ expense?

(btw, this captcha is a bastard)


I setup wallet but can’t find any info on mining primecoin on a mac, can someone please help? I have a nice I7 running on Mavericks and want to try primecoin mining…

hello all, excited about crypto currencies and the future of money, in sweden and hoping to meet locals in to ppcoin/litecoin.

Hi all! I’m from Colombia.
I’m an active bitcoin user/trader/enthusiastic for about 2 years.
We have a project with bitcoins (In my country there are not many bitcoin related people) , but lastly I’m very interested in other cryptocurrencies like PPC and XMP.


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Just signed up, been soloing Primecoin for awhile now, you can spot me on IRC as well most days. Look forward to participating in your projects more as time permits.