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Hello all!

I’ve registered here few days ago, but this thread is a nice way to say hello ;). I’m a software engineer from Poland and I’m really interested in cryptocurrencies. Already working on a project related with them - probably there will be an announcement some day (it will take time though due to full time work and procastination ;)).

I’m holding some coins from first two days of mining, so I got pretty lucky jumping early. Hopefully those coins will be worth a little more in the future. This won’t happen without our work though.

Have a nice day :wink:

Hey, I’m matada. I’m a former Bitcoin miner looking for something new to mine.

Im new to primecoin especially its non-hash PoW system. Interests me alot, maybe I’ll look into that for sure. Anyways I’m Phi or call me 1.618 anything counts.

Hey, I’m Vitalik from Bitcoin Magazine. I wrote this:

I think ppcoin and primecoin are really two of the most promising alternate cryptocurrencies out there.

I am just a newbie to cryptocurrency world. I enjoyed your article, Vitalik.

Hey, I’ve been mining Bitcoins and scrypt-coins for some months and was looking something new. Trying Primacoins now.

Welcome to the forum all new folks :slight_smile: there will be a giveaway happpening soon for XPM and PPC so keep your eyes out for them and grab yourself some free coins :slight_smile:


I noticed that the tutorials for starting Primcoin are outdated so I came here to help out by providing some updated documentation, and to get help for myself.

By the way, when you register for the forums or make a post you have to answer that “the moon” is the largest object that orbits the earth.

This is a problem for two reasons:

  1. The moon doesn’t orbit the earth. If the moon orbits anything it would be the sun. I had to guess how your question was wrong to register.
  2. You have to type “the moon”. Just “moon” will not suffice.

You are probably missing out on a lot of community interaction because people who know the moon doesn’t orbit the earth are probably putting in “international space station”, which would be correct, and then giving up when they are told they are wrong.


Which do you feel is the superior currency?


I’ve been mining Primecoin for almost a month now, and have had some success. Mostly using VPS images to mine.

I was mining with 50 VPS images thru ypool until they changed their payment scheme, which made it completely unprofitable to continue mining.

So, I switched to solo mining with the remainder of my balance on digitalocean, and was able to get one block in 5 days. Which is not even close to profitable.

So, now I’ve shut down everything for Primecoin until I can find another method which will have results.

I’ve mined over 120 coins in the month that I’ve been going, but my costs have eaten up all that, and maybe a little more.

Just looking to see if anyone else has had success with other options.

I am bugzeeolboy, but you can call me bugzee. I am wondering how primecoin works, and I have already started mining at 1000 primes per second. Been hearing around that these primecoins are easy to solo mine… is that true?

Call me… Tucker Blane. Yeah, it’s an alias. :slight_smile:

I’m new to the whole cryptocoin scene but I’ve been researching Bitcoin for a while.
Just a little miffed I didn’t know about BTC a few years ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I just downloaded the client and am trying to figure it out.
I saw a guide on the forum so I’m going to peruse that real quick before heading off to work. HOpefully I can mine through the night and grab me a few Primecoins?
We’ll see. I’m using my laptop because I can’t afford any ASICs or GPU machines at the moment. Hopefully I can build up a big enough trove of XPM and cash them out for Bitcoin? I’m not expecting to get rich over night. I’m not that naive. :slight_smile: But I would like to see where this goes.

Hallo everybody,
a lot of newbies here, +1 with me!
I lost my Bitcoin wallet so i hope i start mining primecoin for the first time!
Lots to learn now…


friend of primecoins here :wink:


Hi community!

I only came to know about cyber currencies at the beginning of this year and immediately got hooked up.

I love the idea of this new proof of work.

Hi everyone,

I am CoinHoarder from Bitcointalk.org, I run hosted Bitcoin ASIC mining via group buys and am currently making some physical Bitcoins and Litecoins. While writing a couple posts about Primecoin just the other day on bitcointalk, I saw the light and realized that Primecoin is destined to do great things.

You can see my reasoning here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=273637.msg3186678#msg3186678 and here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=273637.msg3186762#msg3186762

I have been really into Bitcoin and Litecoin for about a year now, and am always reading forums and participating in conversations about various topics. I like to learn as much as I can so I can make well informed investments. Also I am libertarian, so my political beliefs go hand in hand with most cryptocoins core principals. I am proud to say Primecoin is my new favorite cryptocoin!



Hello just joined here today from bitcointalk.org. That site always seem to have trolls and whiners quite often, but there are some valuable information in there. I wanted to mine PrimeCoins, but somewhat unfamiliar about how to go about it. Also trying to learn to use Linux through Ubuntu since mining seems to work better on it.

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