Welcome mikaelh to Primecoin Core Development Team

I am happy to announce that mikaelh has agreed to join the Primecoin core development team and share responsibilities with me for future development and maintenance of Primecoin network.

It is well known that Mikael’s high performance edition of primecoin client now accounts for a majority of solo mining market in primecoin network. Since primecoin’s release, Mikael has been working diligently to improve on miner performance with a proven track record. There is no doubt his work has already established reputation in the market and demonstrated his capability. It is my honor to have Mikael join me in primecoin core development team, let’s all cheer for his excellent work and looking forward to his future contributions!



Congratulations mikaelh If you PM me your account on here I can add it to the core developer Primecoin member group.

Thank you for the notification SunnyKing and keep up the excellent work


That’s a good message for primecoin. I very much appreciate it. Will mikaelh only develop for primecoin, or also for PPC?

mikael is working on primecoin for now as that’s his passion. Generally team of ppc and team of xpm are closely related and members are free to work on both if they like :slight_smile:

Congrats mikaelh! hope to see you here on this forum in the near future 8)

congrats man and thanks for the primecoind