Weekly Update #199

Weekly Update #199

[ul][li]Peercoin v0.6 is in development.[/li]
[li]In v0.6 users can choose to disable checkpoint enforcement. In this mode, the node does not automatically reorganize to the blockchain fork where the checkpoint resides. Instead, it shows a warning message that checkpoint is on a different blockchain fork.[/li][/ul]

Have fun!

Somebody posted a question here:

Great news!

Thank you, Sunny.

This is great stuff Sunny! This will boost the confidence of the market :slight_smile:

Happy to see you read my post: https://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=4602.msg43503#msg43503

Great that the community should not make a checkpoint free client.
I’ll leave the checkpoints on as long as there is no reason for turning off.

v0.6 will be the Magna Carta of Peercoin. Entirely symbolic but profoundly pivotal at the same time.

[member=79]Sunny King[/member] It’s almost as though you’re downplaying what is a Major milestone reached. What is the reason for doing this in 0.6? What statistics are you looking at?

Very nice news though. Now I got to go and buy some more coins.

brilliant idea, let the users decide, maybe eth should learn from that