Weekly Update #147

Weekly Update #147

[ul][li]B&C exchange funding goal is reportedly 89% reached.[/li]
[li]Aside from B&C’s own blockshare and blockcredit, the exchange plans to support peercoin, nubits, nushares together with bitcoin and a few other popular cryptocurrencies.[/li]
[li]Upon user request, walletnotify should be included in the planned next peercoin release.[/li][/ul]

Have fun!

B&C has 95% funding

I think he read my outdated Reddit post on r/peercoin.

What are the advantages for ppc? In addition to here raise money?

B&C gives us a much needed alternative exchange that we know won’t manipulate the market. We are very reliant on btc-e right now, and as they are centralized and in control of the richest ppc addresses, we are basically at the mercy of their micromanipulation. This isn’t a cure all, but it’s a step in the right direction.

[quote=“skingot, post:4, topic:3550”]B&C?
What are the advantages for ppc? In addition to here raise money?[/quote]

Help with the distribution. BTC-E has a lot of control over us, because they own a lot of Peercoins (all coins on BTC-E belong to BTC-E, they can mint with them for example, which constitutes a security risk). B&C would drastically invert this trend as coins that will be traded there will not be B&C’s ownership but still people’s ownership. And I hope people will use B&C heavily.