Weekly Update #145

Weekly Update #145

[ul][li]B&C funding raising ongoing, 75% reached. Nubits team appears to be planning its development after the upcoming nubits 2.0’s release.[/li]
[li]Mably is raising fund to port btcd to ppcd: http://peer4commit.com/projects/130[/li][/ul]

Have fun!

It’s actually 77%. I just haven’t updated the totals yet in the forum thread here.

Am I right in thinking mably wanted these funds primarily for testing ppcd? A number of new peercoin features have been implemented into ppcd thus I thought I read the part about funding for testing


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I would say that ppcd needs at least to have all the btcd unit tests fixed so they can pass.

Peercoin specific test cases will have to be added some day though.