Weekly Update #125

Weekly Update #125

[ul][li]emeth is working on a messaging application on top of peercoin network (http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=3773). It’s a very interesting project in my opinion, as it tries to store the payload somewhere other than the blockchain, reducing blockchain bloat in the process.[/li][/ul]

Have fun!

Hello SK, I have been buying XPM since 2013, seldom sell it.

Although I suffer greatly loss due to extremely low price now, still believe XPM has bright future. Any XPM project information? We XPMer feel quite depressed nowadays.

Thanks for the mention, SK!

I know many were hoping for a significant update from you regarding your work on sidechains / roadmap for 2015, and were thus disappointed.

I’d just encourage the community to take a step back and breathe. SK showed he is an intellect to be reckoned with, as is obvious with his creation of Proof-of-stake (and Primecoin!). He also showed he dislikes being in the spotlight, and does not want to be a dictator-for-life of Peercoin.

In that regard, Sunny King is very similar to Satoshi. Keep in mind, the Satoshi’s solution to make Bitcoin grow up and stop relying on him was to get some other core developers involved in Bitcoin, then disappear - likely re-appearing in the community under a different name, still contributing to Bitcoin but not in a benevolent-dictator-for-life role.

The community is mature enough now to continue pushing forward without a single leader over everything. Sigmike is working on core development with SK, Peershares / NuShares / NuBits has an excellent team that is pushing forward innovation wrt DACs and the like, there are a variety of other projects (PeerBox, Peer4Commit, my own) that are all moving forward and increasing the scope of what you can do with Peercoin.

I’m not saying that we don’t need Sunny King. I am saying let’s ease up the pressure on him. He has a big project he is working on, and he’s holding his cards close to his chest - with good reason! The sidechain issue is non-trivial, and whatever crypto-coin solves it first and most elegantly will get a significant edge. SK’s focus on data applications instead of currency flow I think is the right one. I prefer him staying silent on it until he’s ready, rather than releasing the details when it’s halfway built, allowing NXT to jump on it and crank it out and get to market first.

So I’d suggest the community continue pushing forward. Let’s come up with our own goals and directions we want to take our coin, and propose and talk about them in these forums. Let’s assume Sunny King will speak up if he disagrees with any direction we are thinking about taking - let silence be acquiescence. And let’s let Sunny King continue pushing in the background on his bigger project, and just accept he’ll give updates when he’s ready. He’s proven his intelligence, and his ability to get a product to market - and let’s keep in mind, he’s not drawing a salary here. I trust Sunny King.

That’s my 0.02 ppc (minus 0.01 for the transaction fee).

Well said emeth! I"ll continue to support XPM and PPC/nubits by buying them and promote them on various media.

Btw, crypto currency is an interdisciplinary which includes at least cryptography and economics. The community backed by better IT developers and economics theory will win, the free competition of cryptos era is coming! I am a F A Hayek fan, and believe his theory still valid for a DAC.

Last but not least, message application is quite interesting, I guess this kind of service can be ported into Nubits network where it’s a revenue of Nu system. Protocol charges small fee on every message to prevent spams, and this fee can be modified by voting when message service under attack. I clearly remember several months ago the bitmessage was stuck by spams. So I am thrilled by your project!