Weekly Update #111

Weekly Update #111

[ul][li]Mike’s work on duplicate stake protocol has been reviewed and scheduled for v0.5. This work introduces a change in the duplicate stake detection, such that when a block is received having the same proof-of-stake with the current best block (the latest block on main chain), the best block would be rolled back and proof-of-stake would be minted on top of previous block. At the same time, the block causing the rollback of best block is broadcasted to other nodes to take actions[/li]
[li]This solution introduces disincentive to minting on multiple branches, that is, this type of minters risk losing the acceptance of their blocks.[/li][/ul]

Have fun!

I think the number of active nodes is very low only 244 at the time,

would be best to release the control points to have a greater amount of active nodes, at least about 1000 nodes, so you can postpone the release of checkpoints only when said amount of active nodes is achieved.

Else is going to work on: http://www.coindesk.com/gavin-andresen-bitcoin-hard-fork/

and see how it fits in peercoin to improve donot programming anything so I just commented as a suggestion

I activate a plan peercoin constant promotion with the launch of the V 0.5 client and PeerBox Peercoin (improved)