Weekly Update #103

Weekly Update #103

[ul][li]I am happy to see peerchemist’s Fazon initiative (http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=3246.0), a very good step toward better organization of community development and sharing of resources. If you don’t know, peerchemist is also the lead developer for the excellent peerbox project (http://peer4commit.com/projects/92).[/li]
[li]Given recent market loss in altcoins, I would like to remind investors in peercoin and primecoin projects to be always aware of market risks, i.e. only invest with what you can afford to lose.[/li]
[li]Our development community has grown quite a bit compared to last year, thanks to the tireless and selfless teamwork of many of you. I am amazed at what our community has achieved, and honored to express my appreciation for all your great works![/li][/ul]

Have fun!

Hi Sunny, any time frame for the PPC 0.5? cheers

Sunny, if you or Sigmike want to see anything added to Fazon, you just need to submit it.

Great opportunity to buy more. I always envied people who bought PPC at $0.2, $0.3 or $0.5 in the past. Now this kind of opportunity comes!