We Want You For CCEDK Fiat Exchange! Potential listing needs active community!

Dear future business partner,

First of all thank you for your interest in our exchange!

By opening this thread, I asume you must have some sort of interest in knowing more about what this is all about, right?

Things have definitely developed in regards to activity on our exchange since we opened for registration and trade on May 26th, and the work we have achieved, as well as the media coverage within same period have all been valuable contribution to an ongoing improvement on the overall experience when being a user trading on the CCEDK exchange!

In order to know more about CCEDK and what we are all about you might want to check out this other official thread of CCEDK exchange:


We have the following points in mind when talking about any future contribution to our exchange, and they are all expected to be added week by week in August and September:

• market api and with this to be listed on coinmarket cap,
cryptocoinscharts, trading bots etc. expected to be implemented end of august

• two factor authentication using authy, - expected to be implemented first week of September

• drop down menu, primo September

• adding a validation procedure when it comes to FIAT deposits and/or with
withdrawal to be adapting step by step with due diligence and KYC procedures, in order for us to be fully ready once Danish FSA decides to follow any international set of rules. September

• adding some additional language interfaces like Spanish, German,
Portuguese, French, Danish, and more, September

• adding additional crypto currencies, ongoing operation in coming months, depending on mutual understanding and willingness to make a difference on an ongoing basis

• creating a general access to follow the fund we have established on the
base of 30% of profit from crypto currencies trading fees, September

and so on, so things are obviously not perfect, but I guess we have to start somewhere, and it seems an ok start improving inside ccedk alongside with the increase in interest from the communities with a potential currency listed on CCEDK.

We have already successfully added NXT to our exchange as the 1st exchange to offer NXT >< Fiat worldwide in so far 9 fiat currencies like EUR/USD/GBP/DKK/NOK/SEK/CHF/RUR/UAH as well as crypto’s BTC/LTC and PPC, and consider their community activities a great example of what is possible to achieve when you all work together to reach a common goal!

We would like in future to be involved in as many projects as possible inside proactive altcoin communities, which would mean initially to have the coin listed on our exchange!

We wish to do so in order to create awareness of CCEDK to become eventually the number one choice of exchange, especially when it comes to exchange to and from FIAT, but obviously we would like to have the other parts of trading included as well!

Having said all of the above, I would like to show my interest in having your altcoin added to CCEDK, there is a time issue involved, so in order to organize, prepare and establish best possible base for our future co operation, I would appreciate your feedback in case of interest by making me a PM.

I would then be able to forward to you a criteria sheet with questions towards choosing the future altcoin to be added to CCEDK. These questions I consider needed to be answered in order to establish the initial interest and willingness to participate on an ongoing basis in a close knit relationship enabling both parties a mutually interesting co operation with constant success stories to back it up!

Our aim is to have a top 10, well perhaps even more, in crypto currencies, not on the base of what is indicated on coinmarketcap, but more based on what each currency is able to contribute with on an exchange believing in the altcoin communities, as a vital factor for a constantly increasing amount of users and trading and in this way eventually becoming an important factor as exchange and future trendsetter.

We might be many different individuals, but if we rise together with one common goal, history shows, anything is possible!

I will be looking forward to hearing from you again soon

Yours Sincerely,

Ronny Boesing


CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS

DK-9492 Blokhus


Web: www.ccedk.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCEDK_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CCEDK