We Need to Move Fast - Singapore Bitcoin Conference


Nov 15th

Do we have anyone near that area that can attend? If we do, we can work on getting the 1.15B together for admission. All the big players will be there:


Bump for visibility, this is important everyone. This would be your chance to step up and become a leader of our community.

We should probably try recruiting using Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Not everyone comes to the forum.

Ok, I posted this on Facebook and Reddit. MBA, can you post to Twitter? We’re still small, so it’s possible we don’t have any active members that live near there. We will in the future though.

I am from Malaysia, very close to Singapore. haha… but I don’t think I am of any help as I am too new in cryptocurrency. I hope I am able to help in the future though. :wink:

Do you maybe know anyone near you who is into Peercoin?

Do you maybe know anyone near you who is into Peercoin?[/quote]

Nope. I found Peercoin when doing research on Bitcoin as well. Bitcoin is so high now, so, I think Peercoin has a lot of potential.

Anything would help, wearing PPC T-shirt, handing out PPC sticker, etc

Yes, even if somebody asked you a technical question you don’t understand, you can either get their contact details or give them contact details to somebody here on the forum like JustaBitofTime. They could contact him with questions and we could get them answered. At least we’ll be making connections with the people who matter rather than getting nowhere sending emails.

Haha… I don’t even have t-shirt or sticker. I am a total newbie.

No worry, I learn fast. I will be ready in a month. If there is any event in Singapore next time, I can help.