We Need a Slogan for Peershares

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…we’re trying to come up with a banner for the Facebook account, but we’re going to need a slogan for Peershares before we can complete it. For example, the official Peercoin slogan is “The Secure & Sustainable Cryptocoin.” We need something similar to use for Peershares that sounds good and communicates the most important ideas.

I was going to say we could use “Decentralized Securities” as Jordan used in his original thread title, but that’s probably too short. What are the most important ideas behind Peershares and how can we communicate them in a simple slogan?

I don’t have any specific slogan suggestions, but I do think it’s very important to distinguish Peershares from similarly named concepts eg. Bitshares, Protoshares, Angelshares and the proposed decentralized exchanges ie. Mastercoin, Bitshares, Counterparty, etc. I don’t believe many of these schemes have much hope for success and – far worse – could prove to be financially painful for investors who bought into their speculative hype. It would be a shame to have Peershares lumped in the same discussion with them, but that may be inevitable. And I doubt one can make that separation in a slogan.

It’s actually quite refreshing to observe Peershares quietly and professionally doing its development, flying mostly under the radar.

Maybe the slogan doesn’t need to mention the energy/efficiency side of things. That’s probably not the first concern people would have if they were considering using Peershares.

How about… Peershares: Secure and Decentralized Equity Distribution

Peershares, customize your shares!
Just my 2 cents!

Short and to the point, “Decentralized, Digital Securities”

So, who’s this message for? The correct wording really depends on who the intended audience is.

If it is for people who would use Peershares to offer equity in their business, I think we’d want to talk about security, transparency, customization, decentralization, low fees, etc.

For people who would want to invest in exchange for equity in those firms, we’d do well to talk about the ease of transactions, automated dividends, exchange opportunities, etc.

To keep it neutral, we may want to use something like “Equity Investment for Everyone” and use that as a hook to entice people to learn more about their respective needs in separate “Issue Peershares” and “Trade Peershares” sections of the (future) site.

I like the idea of equity investment for everyone. Would it also be possible to play off the publicity around kickstarter etc, if that makes technical sense? If it is then maybe something like “Crowdfunded Equity Investment” or “Crowdfunded Equity Distribution”. “Decentralized Crowdfunding”.

[quote=“Ken”]One gets a really nice feeling reading: “Equity Investment for Everyone”. I like that a lot. And you’re right, it stays relevant for parties on both ends of the network.

My favorite so far. It sounds polished and positive.[/quote]


As a non-native english speaker, I think equity is a very nice, but complicated word for stocks. Ask 100 people what equity is and most will draw a blank, asking what a stock is and almost everyone will know.
So if you want to reach out to the masses, then KISS (keep it simple and stupid (or was it straightforward ;-). Target the 5 year old as some suggested for the new video.

So I suggest just the simple and straightforward: “Shares for everyone”

or “Shares Available Accessible For Everyone”. It also abbreviates nicely to SAFE !

My 0.02 PPC