We Need a Couple Dedicated Question Answerers/Moderators for the Facebook Page

We’re going to need a couple people to become moderators on the Facebook page. The main job will most likely be to answer people’s questions, so you need to be knowledgeable about Peercoin. The most common question we get is where the best place to buy coins is or how to do it. I don’t have the time to be answering these questions for people and its only increasing as the page gets more likes.

You won’t have access to post news or add photos. I have that handled for now. You’ll just need to get on daily to check the private messages, check posts or comments that people made, answer any questions and moderate. We’ll need a couple people to step up here that are already trustworthy and have a good history with us. If you feel you’ll have enough time to fit this in, then please post here and apply for the position.

Also, tell us why you think you’re qualified to fill this position.

As i’m sure you find here on the forum, a LOT of questions are repeated… or we have to walk people through step by step processes. I think there is a need for a series of guides, informative posts to be made on the wiki that we can use to direct people to… this is what is done with devtome and when i sign on new people i send them to a tried and tested guide to setting up their account. If we put the time in that area we use less manpower on repeating ourselves and hopefully people will begin to learn for themselves etc…

However this does not address the issue immediately that we need to be answering theseauestions or at least replying… i would offer but i spend enough time answering and maintaining the forum


I’m willing to help where I can. Already been answering a lot of repeated questions coming from the /r/peercoin boom.

What is your account name on Reddit? Is it the same or different?