Way to get mad hype

This proposal is a bit out there, but check this out:

That is the symbol for the Pokemon Dollar. Pokemon is extremely popular around the globe, and the way the P is stylized in the Peercoin logo is actually close to that character.

Now, I’m not saying that Peercoin should necessarily adopt its logo to be even closer to that of the Pokemon Dollar (though that might not be a bad idea, barring legality), but if some kind of informal relationship between Peercoin and Pokemon could be brewed up by the public, I think that would make for a positive spin on Peercoin and convey some of the “fun” Dogecoin has surrounding it.

As a side note, I think there might be a little bit of an identity crisis with the logo anyway considering Russia recently announced the official symbol for the ruble, ₽, and the current symbol (at least according to the Wikipedia page), Ᵽ, doesn’t match the image exactly. I saw Ben started a conversation about standardizing a unicode character, and I agree this is a need to help build the identity of Peercoin.