Waves platform, what do you think about it?


The paper is very light on technical details and doesn’t really seek to solve any problems with existing blockchains.

A JavaScript web wallet is reproducible for any blockchain and just as risky as ever.

Extensibility through “plug-ins” needs a technical explanation to be understood.

A “decentralized reputation system” might be interesting if they can pull it off.

“Account leasing” is obviously fraught with problems; however the designers appear to welcome centralization anyway.

Ultimately, no one needs another centralized blockchain. Ripple <=> Waves

If they want custom tokens they should read up on PeerAssets. :wink:

I am reading an article that mycelium has partnered up with Wave.
As they have a large :stuck_out_tongue: userbase, it might pull off PR wise

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[size=16pt][color=blue]Waves Platform For Investors #4 - Investor Q&A With Sasha Ivanov, Creator Of The Waves Platform[/color]

Scheduled for [color=red]Sun, May 22 10am EST, 2016[/color][/size][/center]

[size=12pt]Join Tai Zen (Most Awesomest Trader Coach™) and Leon Fu Dot Com (The Oracle Of Cryptocurrency™) and Sasha Ivanov (Founder/Creator of the Waves Platform) for a Live Google Hangout AMA (Ask Me Anything) about the Waves Platform.

Discussion topics will include:

[i][color=blue]-- Leon Fu Dot Com will ask the “technical” technical questions that investors want to know about what makes the Waves Platform different from other cryptos.

– Tai Zen will ask the marketing/promotional questions that investors want to know about how the Waves Platform team will get people to use and adopt the Waves Platform.

– Viewers will also get to submit their questions to Sasha as well.[/color][/i]

This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered directly from the Waves Platform team so you can make an accurate and informed decision about investing into the Waves Platform ICO.

Here is link to the Google Hangout AMA for investors w/ @sasha35625 about the @wavesplatform, on [color=red]Sun, May 22 10am EST[/color]:[/size]



[center][size=14pt]Waves Platform For Investors #6 - Investor Q&A With @sasha35625 Thanks to @HeyTaiZen & @leoncfu [/size]

[size=18pt]Waves Post ICO calendar available:[/size]

[size=18pt]Waves surpasses $8 million dollar mark:[/size]