Watch where fiat money is being spent on BTC

Watch in real time where fiat money is being spent on bitcoins from which countries


WOW! Very cool. Makes me sad to see so many BTC in comparison to my own wallet balance ;D

how in the world do they calculate all that?

holy crap , China is getting mad coin!

Really puts into context how much China is going to dictate the future success of cryptos. Very cool animation to watch.

more tumble weeds showing on this site than bitcoins atm :stuck_out_tongue: real sign the buying has stopped before christmas… I expect it to pick back up in the new year


This is really quite surprising. China is a major spender of bitcoin. It’s just so ironic though that the biggest trading capital of BTC is against bitcoin and trying to crack down its protocol. I’m pretty sure China is getting ready to beat the rising bitcoin casinos in the web. I just hope no DDoS attack will happen.

china a major spender of BTC! ironic…

True, it’s so ironic that China is the major spender of bitcoin but still its number 1 antagonist. But after halting the buying and selling of bitcoin and using them to pay for goods and services, China is back on track again. Surprising, isn’t it?

Those are just trades so massive BTC sell will also cause massive ‘fiat leak’ on this site.