Hi, just before btce went down I moved all in to ppc. If ever they allow withdrawal of funds I am going to need a ppc wallet until I set up an account with an exchange that trades ppc. What is the go to wallet and exchange please?


what is the official online wallet of peercoin. I dont know how to use the download software.

We have no official or any other kind of web wallet, we do not approve use of online (web) wallets.

Thanks for reply. I already installed peerunity and try to bought PPC. Currently 30% blocks downloaded of transaction history. Is it one time processing?

Yes, just be patient.

It was interrupted due to this error. How can I fix?

Hi! let’s continue the discussion here Haven’t Received My Peercoins?!

Peerunity and Peercoin QT won’t import my private key! I have a paper wallet with my peercoin stash on it, but I can’t import the private key into either wallet. I use the console with importprivkey [Label] but I just get the error “Invalid private key (code -5)”. I’ve checked the public key on the block explorer (it still has funds in it), and validated the private key on the paper wallet generator (it is correct) and also tried importing all the other private key formats from the wallet generator… but it just returns the same error. I can’t find any forums with info. Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? Is there another wallet I can try instead, or a web wallet that will let me sweep the paper wallet? Any help would be appreciated…

is the privatekey in the correct format?


If not in correct format, you can use the tool below to convert private keys to different formatted private keys, public keys and addresses:

I contributed peercoin support for it, it’s really good.