Walletnotify in ppcoind

Hey all,

We really need walletnotify implemented in ppcoind. Most other coins offer this and Bittylicious is going to require this of coins in the near future as it moves away from using the old accounts system. Naturally, we love Peercoin and don’t want to have to remove it.

There’s even a pull request already out there at https://github.com/ppcoin/ppcoin/pull/33 and I see it’s been merged, but there hasn’t been any release since its merge in April.

For live systems, I like to stick with the good ol’ tried and tested so (feel free to correct me) I imagine ppcoind is the correct choice for now instead of Peer Unity?



I completely agree with you that walletnotify must be included in the next official release of ppcoind; however I would submit that Peerunity is a stable and secure alternative that offers additional must-have features such as coin control. If you still have concerns about trusting Peerunity code, consider this temporary work-around:

  1. Run official ppcoind for transactions and miniting.

  2. On a separate system, simultaneously run Peerunityd with a LOCKED (encrypted) copy of the same wallet.

  3. Use walletnotify in Peerunityd process to monitor transactions (never exposing private keys).

walletnotify is already in the develop branch of peercoin so it will be included in the next version.

Just to follow up, I’m giving peerunity a try now. Seems to understand the existing wallet.dat just fine at the moment.

Bump. Has this been pulled in?? Was one reason one exchange had not added peercoin, ill pm them to try peerunity If its not in master release yet


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FWIW, Bittylicious has been using peerunity for a long time now with no side effects at all.