Wallet download problems

My latest failure at attempting the downloading of a wallet was peercoin QT, after beginning the download process, it was interrupted by my antivirus software (webroot) with a bright red page of infection detected and an automatic removal process. I assume you have to adjust the controls on the antivirus - but why should you have to disable your antivirus to download a valid program? And why should such an alarming alert appear indicating vicious malware?

Good day & yes. Unfortunately I have to give you the answer it is a false positive.

At this time in the “new & emerging” crypto coin world there is new technology & how they package the code certain AV’s do not like for all coins

Search more on google & DD. Keep in mind, all these blockchains/crypto currencies are open source.

Peer is a long standing improved & enhanced ver of Bitcoin. We have continually exceeded BTC as the most valuable mining coin.


Welcome & the full node Peeruniity wallet is only a few megs atm very nice & simple

Thank You. I normally avoid explorer as a search engine using firefox instead. That (using firefox) has been an issue on other websites in the past. Perhaps I will download explorer again and use that format to access the peer wallet site. Since I have always been opposed to google (I use ixquick) but ixquick (which does not record your searches) is google enhanced per their info.

nobody suggests you use explorer, you can reach https://peercoin.net/ fine with firefox

I m running a paid Antivirus. malware bytes and a anti spamclient on Windows 7 host.
I had no issues at installing peercoin official wallet, dash wallet and Litecoin wallet on that and other hosts. I assume you are or Using Windows XP or Windows 8 or 10 maybe?
In the end it doesn’t matter Windows os remains one big security issue.
That s why i m gonna format the whole yadieyadiedada and skip to Linux
Goodbye Windows hello Ubuntu… Ubuntu is the most easy and straight forward linux os to use.
For 10 euros you can follow a really good Nube level course on Udemy. (if you are not familiar with the OS)
I would advice anyone that really wants to invest in multiple E coin to switch to Linux.
Not that i m soo smart but i have a few friends who work in IT security. 90 % of all spam,virus crap is installed on comprised Windows hosts. The other 10 % run on other systems as well.
Or buy a Mac but them devices are expensive but much more secure but sadly enough very often they don t come with a terrabyte which is required in my case.