Wallet differences compared to Bitcoin/Litecoin wallet


I am new to cryptocoins and just start learning.

For me all coins and the corresponding tools are a copy (with change/extension) of the bitcoin.

Why are there these differences in the different wallets.

Bitcoin and Litecoin have a debugscreen with information and console.
This is missing in the PPCoin wallet.

I’m quite new to this stuff as well but since nobody has responded I’ll just say that I think the debug screen is a feature added to the new version of Bitcoin/Litecoin and Peercoin has not updated to that version yet. I suppose it’s coming soon.

That debug screen is handy though it seems you can do the same stuff by simply running ppcoind in one instance then running commands from a second. Personally I think even Bitcoin could do it better. I don’t mind typing commands but for Bitcoin and, likewise, Peercoin to become mainstream people are going to need a less threatening way to do things like add wallet addresses, POS mine and other things.