Wall Observer - The PPC Price Speculation Thread


PPC will be over 100USD by 2018


What makes you think that? That’s a huge number. The highest we’ve ever been is around $8.50 in 2013.


Boom of eco-cryptos post 2017, of which PoS and Peercoin are unicorns.
Then, exuberant faith in them = bubble just like we are seeing in DASH right now


Interesting video.


It’s interesting that the break out in Peercoin occurred only after crossing the line he drew from the previous all time high. It’s as if the price was waiting all these years just to spike at this exact moment.


This type of technical analysis has been thoroughly discredited in many rigorous studies, primarily with stocks and commodities. It is essentially as effective as astrology in its ability to make accurate predictions. That doesn’t mean the Peercoin price won’t rise in the near-term as he suggests, but the ability of this analysis to anticipate it is no better than random chance.

There is some evidence suggesting certain types of trading patterns can make better-than-chance, long-term price predictions (head and shoulders, inverse head and shoulders), but key inflection points must be verified by trading volume – a parameter he completely ignores.

Caveat emptor.


We have our own BEAR WHALE!


started as >270k, now 109k. For posterity.

Annnnd broke


Oh my god, did you see that: Who should be embarrassed now? (look, who I replied to and click on it)


This was back in 2013 and was true at the time. If anything it can be seen as an example of how fast Litecoin was able to turn around their situation. The same can be said about what Peercoin is trying to do right now.


Litecoin now is breaking the old highest price, it will reach around $100, and Peercoin will reach $25 in coming month.


The next 3 or 4 months is going to raise every one’s eyebrows. Mark my words. We’re at $2.33 right now. WATCH.


Big jump, currently over $3.


Peercoin has been going up since @kazzkiq posted the Peercoin Docs screenshot.


Joking aside, Peercoin is now at $3.12 and still going up.


Better keep posting a mockup each week then :smile: .

At first I thought it was whale movement, but it seems to be going longer than everyday pump&dump moves. To soon for conclusions, but perhaps Peercoin finally got the attention it deserves?


not there yet


There is a pump of novacoin(NVC) on btc-e.com going on several days. And the investors which does not catch the wave, start to buy two other coins with small price, namecoin and peercoin.
In my opinion, at this moment, the price of peercoin depends on the manipulator’s moves on novacoin. If the novacoin will continue pumping, then the peercoin will grow as well.
Sorry, for my bad english.


Imagine that the release of v0.6 and the documentation would be ready now —priceless!


I think a better milestone would be the 5th year anniversary in August. The most things community have to announce by then, the better.


A little hint for the newcomers:

Be vary cautious when BTC-E is leading the market, like it currently is.
The whales seem to tie PPC’s price to NMC’s price for no apparent reason, which is going on for ages now.
This might come down as fast as it went up.