Wall Observer - The PPC Price Speculation Thread


I just buy at any price, it will be much more expensive, much more …


3 PPC in an US$, great price 8)


I’ve been accumulating peercoin on a weekly basis over the last few months, I used to fantasise about .50c peercoins back when they $5…, I haven’t followed through with my original plan “IF” peercoins ever got that cheap.

Peercoin is going to have another run I dont know when if Primecoin can do it no reason peercoin cant, theirs not much downside risk IMO sure it might go to 10c but their will be a hard floor and we aren’t far off it.


I just wanted to bump this thread. There is a lot of great discussion in the trading channel at peercoin.chat, but this thread can offer the same opportunity to talk about it on the forum also.


It looks like we have formed huge support at $0.20 and a bullish double bottom scenario may be unfolding. For a continuation of the bullish trend we should be looking for a break above $0.32 before getting too excited.

It looks like BTC/USD is also trending down, which could put pressure on PPC/USD.

Current mood: Tentatively optimistic


Where does everyone see the price going from this point? It’s looking pretty bullish to me…

PPC has tested the price support at $0.20 cent twice over 22 months and the selling pressure has finally been exhausted - the next direction is likely to be up. On PPC/USD we are already sitting up over 40% from the late December lows of $0.205.

It would be interesting to track the order book history on BTC-E, does anyone know if this is possible? The order book is looking especially thin at the moment and any one buyer (or seller) could create huge volatility in one direction or another. I wonder how this compares to the past few months.

Thinking we’ll see another big move up in the next 7 days


A one million two hundred and ninety nine thousand five hundred and twenty five PPC buy wall (1299525.6439992 PPC) has appeared


I take it this is not normal trading behavior?


It is an unusually large buy order for PPC.


It’s interesting enough that I activated my account and posted in these new forums for the first time just to say it’s interesting.

It’s interesting. :slight_smile:


PPC trading over 40 cent today.


I realize the situation can change quickly, but it’s nice to see the market cap exceed $10M. It’s been a while. There is volume supporting this recent move, so it would appear there is PPC being accumulated.


I have been out of the loop for quite some time. Any chance someone can fill me up regarding the recent surge besides the info posted above? Thank you in advance!




@DigiX, welcome back. I’m glad to see older members popping back in recently. This recent post of mine and the associated threads linked in it might help explain some of what’s been going on as well…


Thank you @Sentinelrv! I’ll take a look. By the way, the new community hub looks great. Lovely work guys!


We are currently witnessing a major trend reversal


Will be saying it today. Looking at $0.58 !
Not sure what is happening, but this is mostly speculation. Probably a result of the attention drawn by the SEC decision. Some big whales were waiting and maybe thought we just going to invest in crypto without the SEC support? Who know, it is clear that a lot of new capital is flowing into crypto at the moment.

Hope our fundamentals in our POS technology (Peercoin) and community will leverage these investments in the coming weeks and months.

BTW we were even mentioned on a Coindesk article about the rise of altcoins today. When was that for the last time?


I got the news from LTC people talking about price surge. Some claim that they have been using LTC to transfer funds due to unreliability of BTC network lately. Several pointsL

  1. This price surge is not about PPC in particular.
  2. Size limit is biting BTC. Hope the problem gets fixed soon so PPC, a drop-in replacement of BTC using POS, can get the problem fixed before going main stream.
  3. LTC has been remarkably stable with respect to BTC in the last year so using LTC to transfer BTC funds has little exchange rate risk.
  4. There is a need of a short-block-time token that is reliably pegged to BTC and has deep liquidity.


Good call @Cybnate! It is currently at $0.72. I haven’t seen this growth since 2015.